Helicopter tape!

ok, bare with me for a moment.

I just use this (in the “invisible shield” form http://www.shieldzone.com/ ) for my Zen Vision mp3 player and got me thinking. Cant we use this on our bikes for protection as well. did a quick search and the tape is used for bycicles - so why not motorbikes?


"A shiny new bike is a lovely thing, but keeping it shiny can be a challenge. Mud, dust, rocks, chain slap and cable rub all conspire to scuff up, knock chunks out of and wear grooves in your shop-fresh paintwork.

You can get bikes resprayed, of course, but you don’t want to be doing that all that often. JustRidingAlong’s Helicopter Tape is the answer. It’s a thick, flexible, very sticky, transparent polyurethane, as used (it says here) to protect the rotor blades on helicopters and the leading edges of the wings on supersonic planes. If it can cope with 700mph aerial debris then you’d imagine that the odd bit of cable rub and trail pebble won’t trouble it too much and so far you’d appear to be right.

The tape comes as a single 25x10cm sheet that you can cut to whatever shapes and sizes you need. The sheet’s long enough to do the bit of a chainstay that counts if you don’t already have a chainstay protector, and even if you do then it’s a lot more subtle. Application is easy - JRA recommends a bit of hairdryer action to warm the tape and help it mould to any curves. Make sure that whatever you’re sticking it to is totally clean and grease-free and you won’t have any problems.

It’s claimed to be resistant to UV and not to go all yellow and crinkly under sunlight - we’ll have to wait and see on that one due to a marked absence of sunlight of late.

A fiver might seem like a fair bit for a sheet of plastic, but it’s a small price to pay for keeping your bike looking pristine. If you’re not using it on chainstays or down tubes there’s enough on a sheet to do a whole fleet of bikes. And it’s a lot cheaper than new paint…"

We’ve just covered this subject in an article. You’ve got great timing


wow it must have taken him hours (he was using the same platic “thingie” to get rid of bubbles!!!)

looks good! would consider it for any new bike! does it come with lifetime warranty?

Drei i checked the website http://www.rhinoprotect.co.uk/motorcycle_stone_chip_protection_1.html

and if you fit it on your own it is 89.99 & fitting at rhinocenter (wherever that is… ??) is 189.99!

i would do it myself… it is not difficult (granted i only put i on my mp3 player but hey!)

I do that stuff. Its an off shoot from window manifestation film designed for bomb blast protection. OK the window stuff isn’t exactly the same but I get the chip protection film from the same supplier as the window stuff. Only prob is I have to order a roll of 100yds min…and it ain’t anywhere near those prices qouted!!! (yd for yd that is)

I`ve never heard of that stuff before and it looks like good stuff aswell.