HEL brake lines

How difference do they make on the bike?

Is it worth the expense?

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yes, they are worth it for two reasons

  1. you dont need to change them again unlike rubber hoses which have a service life of about 3-5 years according to most manuals.

  2. rubber hoses expand a little when you brake whereas braided lines do not so you will get a potential performance increase in braking.

i say worth it alone on point 1 imo


You would do both front and back, right?

I’ve fitted braided lines to replace old OE rubber hoses.

I’m not a racer/trackday person so don’t notice the kind of improvements in performance that get exposed in a more extreme track environment - I was just replacing old rubber lines.

If you are on a budget and the rear rubber line is in reasonable condition then just replace the front brake lines.

well if the price was good otherwise im mainly fussed about the front - it does look better though so…bling bling!

i would get the line setup on the front that goes to each caliper form the master cylinder too if it were me.

If you are doing the bleeding yourself i would recommend a plastic syringe and inject the brake fluid up through each bleed valve on the calipers - makes life a lot easier - only a few quid on ebay too.

That was the next question tom… whether to go with on the front or racing setup.

Won’t be doing the bleeding myself, I would probably get someone else to put them on.

Totally agree with the separate line set-up (originally had over mudguard config)
Rob (mechanic mentioned in the praise section) fitted mine because I’m not overly comfortable with brake bleeding

the change did make a noticeable difference over the stock lines on my 600RR

Sorry to re-iterate, just to get it straight…

You suggest going with the front over fender set up rather than the racing right?

any recommendations for the brand? wezmoto, goodridge, galfer?

I would imagine HEL!

Ive had HEL, Wezmoto, Goodridge lines on various bikes and to be honest they were pretty similar. The goodridges i had on an old gsxr were about 5 years old and looked mint still though.

I have read in other forums that you need to get to top range of Goodridges to be as good as the HEL ones.

I could probably dig up the post somewhere…

The HEL stuff i fitted to a VFR a couple of months back was very good quality i must admit - but the Goodridge stuff i had before was of equal quality - im not sure what range it was from!

found one more UK brand Venhill, seems they were making braided lines for 40 years. The bigger the choice - bigger the headache

ah yes, Venhill make some really good stuff - any of those lot will sell good products though - i wouldnt get too caught up on brand names.

Thank you tom22!

Apologies to chris2332 for invading his topic :hehe:

No worries at all…

The more information, the better :slight_smile:

No, I swapped out the over the fender set-up for separate HEL lines, made a big difference

yeah man go race setup for sure.

Ohh ok!

Do you happen to have any photos to see the difference???