Hein Gericke

heads up for you all

hein gerickes sale has started, BIG savings on soem very good gear, Gore Tex textile trousers from £99!!:w00t: savings on alot of tech bits aswell, not much on helmets but if you need new boots or clothing…get on it!:smiley:

got myself a textile jacket normally £119 for £50 and a pair of journey GTX textile trousers for £99;)

Any deals on boots? After some white Ones? And am after a good leather suit?

Good call, I need some goretex trousers :smiley:

Need some new trousers myself for the winter, is this at all the stores?

Ratty whats your avatar mean then? Saw a fella at the TeaHut with it on the back of his teashirt?

i think you mean the hornet one? thats just what it was a hornet character. i ride a hornet…

then i had the decepticon one now i have me holding a fish :smiley: lol cos the new site’s poo and i cant upload an avatar!

2010 SMX + are on sale, 179.99 all colours

yes mate it is, runs until the end of july :slight_smile: get in quick!

got myself some new goretex trousers with £100 off. I have used them on 2 days commuting, but no rain yet :unsure: sure they will be fine.

unfortunately got tempted by other stuff too and the credit card nearly melted :pinch:

russ you got HG brand black bike cover in stock

http://www.hein-gericke.co.uk/abdeckplane-fur-maschinen-ab-550-ccm.html if so hold me one please

think theres one left? wil have a look in the morning, when ya popping in?

Might pop in at the weekend for a browse… :smiley:

Is the sale only on the HG stuff or also other brands?

Is there anything good left? :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

I’m looking to grab some goretex trousers as there on sale and a helmet as well.

Hopefully there will still be some as I have to come down when I get paid.

Is the sale only on clothing or is there money off oil and lubes a well?

hi ratty i will be joining hein Gericke on monday woo hoo

clothing, helmets, boots, HG 1 piece leathers, tankbags etc

tech bits are not on sale no.

FBP! i heard man! congrats, btw your area manager is my boss too, good luck :smiley:

get in quick, i know alot of GTX gear is flying out the door! if you cant get it from the store, we can order it in at sale prices :slight_smile:

have you smashed kitty yet russ?..ide smash kitty;)


nah mate, i’m taken

i dont think you’d be smashing kitty fella, she’d defo SMASH you up tho :smiley:

ide hope so…she looks to be the firey type…:D…is she at gerrick now?..can you say that Smiled would like to get friskie then have a cuppa tea in the staff room ?

then ask her if i can have a high 5 while doing it?

cheers russ