Hein Gericke oil

Ive been using Silkolene oil for the past few years but my local bike shop has switched to plutoline brand now , i was in hein gerickes the other day and noticed they sell their own brand oil and its quite a lot cheaper than silkolene,anyone had any experience with this stuff ?

it comes out the same factory as the motul stuff they sell. never used it myself tho

If you buy Tescos baked beans then I guess it’s OK, if you’re a Heinz baked bean fan then Silkolene :slight_smile:

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me and a friend used the oil and both bikes needed more as usual.

I’ll never buy it again.

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Don’t see how the make of oil would make a difference to consumption…I use the HG stuff and have done for ages - use it in all three of our bikes ( ZX-9R, zx-6R and a 600 Divvy)and it’s fine.It’s just rebranded Motul, which is good gear.Cheap, too - £11.99 for 4L

Yep it is a good price , seeing as i always do a oil and filter change at 3000 rather than the recommended 6000 i think i will go for the gericke lube . cheers for the replys chaps .

That’s the trouble, people get hung up on brands - Silkolene 4T semi-synth is no better than any other semi-synth, IMHO

2T oil is another matter entirely - if you have, say, and Aprilia RS250, then you need to use the best synthetic 2T you can get.

And for your information… Branston beans are the bestest :smiley:

I’ve used the HG stuff and Silkolene. Both with no issues. Also used Castrol GTS, also no issues. But for the money, I’ll get the Silkolene, a nice middle of the road cost, for excellent results.

magnatec is good stuff, and was on offer last time I looked in Halfords (view based on advice from a mate who spent 20 years buying/selling the stuff for BP):smiley:

we never have anyone coming back to complain about it, and everyone who uses it deems it satisfactory, as previously mentioned it does come from the same factory as the motul, but by all means buy which ever you prefer as long is it comes from hein gericke :stuck_out_tongue:

Surely if they pass and meet the various grades/Specs then they do the same thing?

Unless of course you have a fully blown race engine.

It’s all a con like the baked beans.

most of them come from same refineries just branded different, same as petrol.

and heinz beans best :slight_smile:

The base oil is the same for all the different brands, but the additives are different.One of my clients is a lube (oo-er) company oop north who blend a very well known brand of race oil.I’ve seen what goes into the stuff, and wonder why it’s so expensive…

I use the HG oil on both my bikes Virago and a ZZR no problems at all most problems with oil are when people use a fully synthetic oil, most bikes do not benefit from the use of it.