Heavy Rain - PS3

I saw this and some of the wide shots look real…The graphics are amazing.

Although I’ve got an X360, I understand some of the comments from games developers that the PS3 has the superior graphics processing unit, it’s just more difficult to get the full potential out of it.


When is it coming out… the trailers for this have been floating around for 2yrs now… want it to come out#!

The processing power in the PS3 has yet to be unleashed yet I think. I believe its got a 7 core IBM cell processor and separate GPU. The devs probably havent fully re-architected all their engines for the new system yet. Will take years before optimised games are there i guess.

I been waiting for a game called DragonAge for a few years now. It was originally developed on PC and then was decided it would release on PS3 and Xbox too. Initial dev on PC was all with multi core CPUs and multicore gfx cards, so that will be interesting http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xHvAOl0Hfr8&feature=related

Well they bringing out a new PS3, slim line one with 120GB Hard Drive:)

Still the PS3 has Blue rays which can hold a lot more info on comparison with Xbox 360 DVDs.

About that Dragon game, watched all the trailers for it, looks good but I hate how your character never speaks, it has **** loads of choices in conversations but it’s like they are a telepathic mute.

Bit of an old thread… no-one bought this?

I got this second hand last week for £18 on eBay. Very impressive game.

It’s generally quite a slow pace and don’t be expecting it to be a challenge of skills. I liken it to one of those choose your own adventure books.

Apparently it’s about 12 hours of gameplay, which sounds about right. I finished it in a week. The clever things is, although the killer never changes, there are 22 different endings depending on what happens while you play.

I don’t finish many single player games (prefer to play online) and I certainly have never gone through a game twice, but I’m really quite tempted to see how different the game can be if I change some of my choices.

There’s also quite a bit of detail, which I generally missed, but then caught when I looked through this site -

I wouldn’t look through this until you’ve completed it at least once though.

i bought it, got it new for £16. Really enjoyed it, the story actually drew you in and I wanted to find out more every time I played. Agreed it doesn’t have the fast pace that a lot of people look for in a game, but enjoed it none the less

Like above, the more I played, the more I didn’t want to leave my couch. Brilliant game!