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Heated jacket/trousers

Got some heated grips/gloves - so no worries there.

Thinking I could do with a heated jacket or even trousers - occasional use - like tonight - am riding back from the footie and will be riding 2 hours on the Motorway doing 70 odd in forecast 5/6 degrees. So thinking it might be nice not to freeze my nuts off…

Any experiences? Keis or Gerbing? Any other contenders? Best place to buy at one of the shows or in shop?

I’ve got Gerbing gloves and they are brilliant, would definitely add a jacket.

I’ve used both Keis and Gerbing and Gerbing is way better.

I’ve had the gloves and inner jacket for two years. Very easy, perfectly warm. Get the dual controller as well.


But surely you’ll be basking in the warm glow from watching the football?

Oh hold on, just remembered that you’re an Ipswich fan… :upside_down_face:

I’ve had a couple of Keis items in the past & whilst they were fine for a while, I’ve not been overly impressed by their longevity. So if I was looking for stuff now I’d be thinking along the Gerbing line. From comments on here, they do seem to offer great after sales service.

As for buying, the Bike show at the NEC is only a few weeks away, usually able to save a few quid there. Or the London show at the Excel, but as that’s not until February it may be a bit late. That said, you may be able to get a better discount on heated stuff.


Yeah I got mine at a bike show with good discounts. As you say great after sales service, I had to replace the gloves and had no hassle.

The jacket is so warm in its own right I often don’t need to turn it on. I’ve never bothered with a liner since.

The jacket looks cool too on most people BL.

I have keis heated gloves, vest , trousers, insoles & socks

the insoles are the weakest they last around 2 winters

in total they draw 13amps if everything was on at once on full blast
I tend to have them on the lowest setting no more then 5amps which is comfortable & has seen service down to -5

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what he said

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Motolegends in Guildford are big on Warm n’ Safe. I have their jacket and ‘pants’ liner and they are brilliant. To avoid lots of wires to and fro invest in a remote wireless controller. That way you just have one wire, the power, between you and the bike and the remote controls the heat. It’s a small item, I have mine cable-tied to the bars.

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