Heated jacket kit on ebay - has any one tried them? any good? or a waste of time?

Now its getting a bit colder :frowning: has anyone tried this heated jacket kit of ebay?


surely at that price it cant be any good?

I suppose if you got £25 and an old jacket to try it in probably worth a punt,

Sounds like a right faff wiring up your own jacket. I have a Chilli heated waistcoat but haven’t used it this year as my new Rukka jacket is toasty as a toasty thing in a toaster. Might have to dig it out for the ride up to Brum tomorrow though, brrrr!

how about longjons (sp?) or longjanes for the girls. i like the mens ones myself

there a lot cheeper and i know they work…i go to a rally in feb (the feb freezzer) lol in ket in a tent it gets bloody cold and as i dont drink i cant get drunk to block out the cold :w00t: so long… work brill.

we travel back on the sunday and its snowed every year on the way home but i still dont feel that cold even though iv not slept all weekend .

Have got & used the thermal/windproof tops/longjohns before - pretty good i must admit but not toasty.

Looking for something that pillion can use and the heated jackets that are out there just dont ‘look’ :blush: very good appearance wise :wink:

get your pillion to sit closer to ya :stuck_out_tongue: or round the front of ya …oppps no thats not leagle is it (fun though) :hehe:

*runs off before yam sees this and slapps me for telling people what we get up to when the kid arnt here lol *