Heated Grips

Any suggestions on which one is decent on the market? See lots of oxford grips.

Happy with the Daytona Heat Grips on mine, controller has off, start (fast heat), and on, haven’t used them much and still on summer gloves no liners as the TU muffs keep the wind chill at bay. Seen them on the e of bay for £30

R&G on mine. 5 settings. Take a few mins to warm up but rarely have it higher than 3 or 4 so plenty hot once they do.


I have a brand new set of Keis heated grips that I don’t need, still in the box - yours for £25 if you can collect from london bridge/southwark area during the week.

I use Hein Gericke ones, on, hot or low, I find the hot too hot & the low sometimes not enough

I had both the oxford and the R&G grip controller failed on mine… ended up chucking them both and getting muffs :smiley:

I don`t use heated grips for a reason.

They are the road to despair.

Muffs are the way to go, when my fingers are in a muff, they are are warm and welcome.:slight_smile:

Monkimark, PM sent.

Jetstream, muffs are definitely the way forward to get your fingers warm and fuzzy but how many fingers does your muff take?

+1 for the Oxford Sport Heated Grips.

I’ve had them put on all my bikes, and have found them to be amazing. Just make sure that they get connected properly, else it can drain your battery if left on when you leave your bike!

Same here, R&G ones rarely above 2…

Once forgot it at 5 and felt my hands burning…

Can’t fault them

Got oxford hot hands.

Off or burning hot in 5 mins, if anyone knows how to make them adjustable I’m all ears.

sorry duncmac, but ive had the oxford hot hands, really good for the first year and a great idea, but don’t get them, the idea is great, you can take them off the bars easily an stick them in a cold pocket to warm up your tits!

they dont last more then one winter (mine didn’t, nor did 2 of my brothers who used them)

Does it matter which one you get


You can always use them as heated hair curlers




+1 fit oxford sports ones.

Great thing is that they wire straight to the battery but turn themselves off if the battery level falls too low if you have accidentally kept them on when you have parked up.

R&G ones were crap. Bad quality in my opinion and grip was too thick

I’m on winter three (although 1 winter was only til January, when some tit had me off)

Stitchings seen better days, but still nuclear hot. :wink:

+1 for the Oxford Heated Grips, done 3 years on a Ducati 749 used for commuting. I will certainly consider the Oxford Sport ones for my other bike when the temperature drops.