heated grips

i installed heated grips a few weeks back …

yes they keep my hands warm but they feel bulky and have changed the feel of the bike completely , has anyone else had a similar problem ? will i eventually get used to them or should i just take them off ?

i use rapovers very bulky,you will get use to em,

i took mine off now had to get use to it a gain

I’ve wondered about this too. I’ve just ordered a brand new scooter (XEvo 400) and am getting Oxford hotgrips fitted to it as part of the deal, however I’ve never had heated grips before so I’m wondering whether they’ll feel different to…
Like anything I suppose you get used to it. Give it a few weeks and see if you still can’t get on with them before you remove them.

I have heated wraps, they’re bulky and feel awful but they’re warm.

and when the weather is good I can take them off again. :smiley:

you need the sports ones way thinner…

its to warm for heated grips now :smiley:


  1. You’ll get used to them.
  2. Honda makes very good quality heated grips (but they’re a bit more expensive).
  3. Sorry for my english :D:):smiley:
  4. Ride safe!

Hi just found this forum but spotted this. I used to have the same problem, wanted heated grips but didn’t like the bulky feel, and the hard rubber used to transmit the vibes through the bars on longer runs, a pain as I tend to ride singles / twins.

A friend then put me onto these, and now had them on 4 bikes - Symtec Heated Grip Kit . They go under your existing grips and you hardly know they’re there, apart from the heat of course :slight_smile:

i dont know why but it prefer the chunky feel of the heated grips - prob cause my first bike had them from the start.

nothing to do with my bin monkey hands :ermm: :stuck_out_tongue:

Hmm no idea what grips you have but mine feel lovely, I did get the Oxford Sports digital ones, found them on eBay at half the shop price. They are amazing but I also put the handlebar protectors from a super moto on it, I haven’t really had any problems, plus it protects my hand if I ever hit any mirrors:D

I also felt someone elses grips put on an R6, they didn’t feel bulky at all, just a little more slippery grip wise, I like mine as it is rubber and has grips on it.


What heated grips have you got?

I bought the R&G heated grips and they’ve been great. They don’t feel bulky at all and half the price of the Oxford ones.


But I think you’re better off leaving them on and getting used to it otherwise next winter you’ll be getting used to them all over again (and in bad weather, not so great).

£30 not bad, I think I paid around £40 for mine… but yeah they do go for about £80

I’ve got oxford heated grips and they’re an absolute winter essential, however as soon as the weather becomes a little more stable they’re coming right off. They’re very bulky and ugly looking. Getting them on or off will take awhile but it’s definitely worth putting them on during the winter. You can’t notice them much form the distance, but I think they do look ugly.

Absolutely amazing on a long journey though, highly recommended.

From what I’ve seen of them, These ( http://www.heatdemons.com/ ) will be fitted in the very near future!!

Have just had a look at the Symtech ones however, and they are half the price, so might be swayed… anyone have any experience of them?

The Heat Demons are also made by Symtec. You can get the Heat Demons from Winding Roads, apparently they have them in stock but aren’t shown on their website. I’ve had the standard Symtec’s on my past 6 bikes now and swear by them. I did 140 miles today, had them on low setting with summer gloves on all day :cool:

I rang Winding Roads (01332 799866) and enquired about the Heat Demons a month or so ago, before I fitted the last set to my Versys. They said they have them in stock and that they are a quality piece of kit, and look as close to factory fit as you’ll get. But fitting is quite involved, you need to remove the hadlebars and drill them to pass the wires through, etc. But the Heat Demons weren’t suitable for my Versys as the handlebars are tapped for the bar end weights, which prevent you from fitting the heaters into the bars, so I fitted the standard set of Symtec heated grips instead.

Like I said, I’ve not tried the Heat Demons, but can thoroughly recommend the standard Symtecs.