Heated grips

Really cold this morning and my Motrax heated grips just didn’t seem to get hot enough, had to resort to using the engine to out my hands on at junctions, how hot are they supposed to get?

I don’t have Motrax ones but it could be they hadn’t had time to warm up properly. My Oxford ones take about 10 minutes to get in heat, as it were. Yours might take longer, also the thickness of your gloves might be a factor.

Not relevant I know but my grips are too hot to handle at max (4th) setting, usually have them at 2nd setting or 3rd if particularly cold.

If yours don’t feel particularly warm on full power, you might have a technical problem.

Sounds like I have a problem then, my ride to work took about 45 minutes and they were only warm when I arrived. Motrax are either on or off.

Anybody got any ideas what might be wrong???

I used to have motrax ones and I must say I wasn’t that impressed, changed to the oxford ones and even though they when it’s really cold they take a while to get warmed up they sometimes get too hot! :w00t: If you use your bike every day for commuting I would get some of those muff things as well, you might get a bit of stick but your hands would be well toasty :smiley:

The Oxford ones are very good - wish I had them on the Ninja !
I used Jools’ divvy 600 through the winter last year with heated grips and although I had to put up with chuggin slowly round on the old Yam, at least I had nice warm hands :slight_smile:

Looks like I’ve bought the wrong ones. Damn it.

I commute three times a week (work at home the other two) so have considered the muffs but they look so uncool and worry about trapping my hands and stuff, the girlfriend has already made me wear a reflective back pack cover and sam browne belt…whatever next. :slight_smile:

I’d rather have warm hands and look like a prat than have freezing colds hands :smiley:

You are, of course, absolutely right and make me feel ashamed of my own stupidity. :slight_smile:

+1 with Tiggi

I would rather be warm than worry about looking a pratt, you’d look an even bigger pratt if you came off because you had no feeling in your fingers to operate the brake or clutch…

Alternatively take the car :smiley:

I am being suitably humbled, my shame increases by the second.

Oxford ones (well, mine at least) only take a couple of minutes to warm up, and have a variable heat control. (I’ve found out I have hot hands from another thread, but) I’ve never had my Oxfords over two or three clicks from zero (and they go up to around 10 clicks)

Try Silk glove inners. They trap warm air next to the skin and work a treat. I dont’ have heated grips and yet get to work with warm’ish hands. I have Hein Gericke touring winter gloves, nice close fit and not bulky. Still get lots of feel. Cost me £6 from Ebay, well worth the money.

Do you guys that have v hot grips (PJ, BB etc) use muffs as well?

I got Honda OEM ones and they dont seem to get that hot in the winter :ermm:
I guess because of windchill+thick gloves

I had hoped to avoid muffs by getting heated grips and good gloves but my hands were painful by the time I got into work this morning, I leave at about 06:30 so it’s pretty cold then. If it’s about 5 degrees and above I’m ok but below that I suffer.

I won’t be buying Motrax again as it sounds as if they don’t heat up like others, had a look at some other posts on the net and several say they don’t get that hot.

I bought a pair of Roxter (re-branded Oxford) heated grips at the NEC on Monday. Haven’t had them fitted yet, though. Apparently “Roxter” is the brand name for Oxford’s previous line of kit, with only their current stuff being branded “Oxford”, so I bought them for £15 less than Oxford, happy in the knowledge that they were Oxford really!

No muffs on me:) (I struggle with them, mentally. Manual claustrophobia or something like that.)

I suppose my mirrors deflect some of the worst of the wind blast, which must help keep out the cold.

I have had oxford grips on previous bikes but never found I needed the maximum setting.

Why oh why didn’t i buy Oxford.

Only just fitted the Motrax so don’t feel financially that I can change them, wired 'em all in to the lighting circuit too so the thought of untaping everything and starting again is not a good one.

Does anyone know of any reason why they are only warm or is it just that they are rubbish.

Having had both, the Oxford ones are better than even the OEM Honda ones…

Not that impressed with the Honda grips I have now, I still get cold fingertips on my left hand, and that for about three times the price of the Oxford. Oxford FTW!

If you get the muffs as well the Motrax’s one should be good enough :slight_smile: