Heated grips problem

Slightly chilly this morning and I was wearing thin summer gloves so I flicked on the heated grips . They have 2 settings - Start (which is red hot) and on (which is warm).

“Start” worked fine to get them up and running but when I flicked 'em to “on” I got nothing. They were installed by the dealer when i bought the bike (bought from new about 9 months ago) but that’s about 200 miles away from me now.

I guess it’s just a problem with the switch but I haven’t a clue about that sort of stuff, can anyone recomend a good place in central/south london to get it checked out before the mornings start getting colder?

If your bike’s only 9 months old then it should be within manufacturer’s warranty. Find your local dealer of that make - whichever it is and depending what part of town you’re in.