Heated gloves or heated grips


just doing some forward planning for the winter. I have a 40mile round commute each day and know that I am going to have frozen hands this winter. I am looking at either the heated gloves option or heated grips.

How easy are they to fit, can I get the suzuki dealer to do it for me, will any standard type fit most bike or do I have to buy specific types for a specofoc bike?

heated gloves are def better than heated grips.
especially if you are going quick (motorways) the speed/windblast will steal the heat coming of from the heated grips.

I havent had heated gloves but heard that they are very easy to use, you just need to wire tap something like a lead from somewhere like the main lights (not the battery)

edit: they only drawback of heated gloves is that they are pricey and dont have the same level of protection as normal gloves

I saw these and thought they looked OK. There is a testamonial from a guy who came off wearing a pair of these and they held up very well.


I just use the oxford hot hands, they wrap round you exsisting grips meaning you can remove them in summer or if change bike, they keep my fingers toasty warm and seem hotter then the actual grip ones only problems found are they can tist on grip if not done tight (cabletie) and they only have on/off not variable temp, but if you leave them on in summer they also help reduce vibration thru bars :slight_smile:

+1 and also a set of muffs… may be ugly etc, but on a long commute they do make a difference. :w00t:

Got Heated grips and now getting gloves. With grips the inside of my hand gets hot so the outside feels even colder with the wind.

So Heated gloved this winter for me.

For the warmest then defo muff’s and grips.

Trouble with heated gloves is if you get caught in a bad downpour you’ll have to wear damp gloves home (haven’t found one set of gloves yet that is truly 100% waterproof).

Better to have warm grips etc and then a spare set of gloves while the others dry out.

Of course with muff’s they’ll also keep the gloves dry :wink:

I have heated grips, wouldn’t be without them. They are also good in the summer when it rains, as it keeps the bottom of the gloves drier.

The grips that I have are from Bike It, about £40, easy to fit, and have adjustable temperature.

I have a pair of Exo2 heated gloves. Probably the best winter investment I’ve made yet. Very easy to fit, you wire them to the bikes battery. Only small downside is having wires running through your jacket.

Also been through several rain showers with them and they held up quite well, so I’d happily recommend them to anyone.

had oxford heated grips on my last bike, loved them to bits, had to turn them down most of the time, even in very cold weather, as they can get really warm! A decent set of windstopper gloves or summin to accompany them will work perfect - unless its peeing down!