Heated Gloves/ Inner Gloves

Wore my heated Gerbings for the first time since last winter. Had to turn down the temp controller a bit. Bit of a faff to put on but the warmth does circulate throughout your body.

Was truly greatful to the Gerbings this morning, lovely and warm hands make for better feel of the brake and clutch.

I did have a little snigger to myself as i pulled up at the lights and watched a fellow commuter grasp his engine casings to get some heat into his gloves and thaw out his fingers:D

That’s what I was doing on the way back from BMM… Thanks for showing me the Gerbings tonight! Definitely a most promising contender to my solution! :slight_smile:

Gonna shop around now to find prices as heated gloves is the way to go methinks (rather than inner gloves)! :slight_smile:

well been using heated innner gloves the last few days! they dont get as hot as my heated grips but they are not supposed to (as they are touching your skin).

its still not v cold so havent done a proper test on them but i rode with only one plugged in and i could tell the difference

The best thing is that you jump on plug in and go. when you reach your destination just unplug no need to worry about battery being drained.

will report back when it gets alot colder.

Www.thermogloves.eu Heated inner gloves with 3 level of temperature setting. Run off rechargeable batteries. Currently on offer at 119 Euros. Can also use as outer gloves for non-biking activities.

Hmm. After actually fearing my fingertips were going to fall off today, I’m tempted by these Thermogloves. But what about bulkiness? Does anybody have a pair, and if so, can you still feel what you’re doing?

Picked up some Gerbing G3s today after PJ’s recommendations.

A penny short of one hundred goldy looking coins.

Sorted :laugh:

Finally got some Keis heated inner gloves and oh yes that’s so much better…:slight_smile:

For us poor people, Maplins do £10 inner lining gloves, quite thin, very effective.