Heated Gloves/ Inner Gloves

As winter is coming I thought I would buy some heated gloves. I tried installing heated grips on my bike (GSR 600) but could not get the R&G grips on/ secured properly. Now I’m thinking that rather fighting to get them installed to invest in some heated gloves.

I do like my current gloves which are racing gloves and like the amount of protection they have on them. That is an issue with heated gloves that they do not have as much protection. Which is why I was thinking of getting some inner heated gloves. Anyone ever tried any? Are they any good? How do you connect them to the battery (through the jacket I’m guessing)… The two brands that came up are Klan and Keis. Anyone know of any others?

If I am to go with proper heated gloves, I’ve seen two as well:

Exo2 Stormrider

Exo2 look a lot better… :slight_smile:

R&G heated grips are sh*t. I tried them last year and they were useless.

Exo heated gloves are awesome :D:D:D:D

I have Gerbings heated glove. Mine connect to my Gerbings jacket liner but they come with a cable so you can connect then directly without the jacket. They also sell a version which can take power packs.

I wouldn’t be without them. They really are that good…although I’d advise getting the option temp controller otherwise you’ll cook your pinkies!! :wink:

Hmmm yeah that’s another thing… all the heated gloves/ inner gloves I mentioned seem to have simply on/off… And on quite a few forums people mentioned having to turn them off cause they were too warm…

But as I said the one thing that worried me with those gloves is the lack of armour in them which is why I was thinking of liners…

Glad to see that Exo and Gerbring come recommended - miht have to go with one of the two (even though they are twice the price of liners)

BTW is the cable long enough to fit from the glove, through the sleeve of the jacket, back down to a cable just coming out of the seat? Isn’t it a bit weird having cables going through from the seat? Or if you passed them under the tank, what happens if you want to move your hands in motion?

This is good advice :smiley:


What… eat more Snickers? :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

im also debating getting some inner gloves

hadnt notice that there is only an on/off switch and no temp controler… :ermm:

ps snickers wont help what you need is :


I bought a pair of thermal waterproof inner gloves for £8… I think they were Keis but got them off ebay so not really sure…

They’re ok in terms of heat but I think as we head into December they’d be fine for commutes but not for my weekend trips!

just saw these on ebay

that you can buy with a variable heat controler


the heat controler works with any heated clothing :wink:

+1 to the GerbingsI have a pair i bought from the NEC last year and have to say as waterproof winter gloves with the added extra of super heating they are the best pair of winter gloves i have ever bought.Yes they could do with a thermal control but to be honest i tend to find if it gets too warm i just unplug them for a few minutes, very easy to do.You can also get heated socks and jackets to plug in, but i find the gloves alone do a great job.

I have the Klan heated inners, bought last year. I’ve just started to use them again in the last few days… they are great - fit into my normal sumer gloves.

As long as they arent too tight and allow you to move your fingers properly then they’re great.

I didnt bother getting the temp controller thingy as to be fair they are extremely simple to just switch on and off should they need to be. I have a 45 minute ride in and usually keep them switched on most of the way. TBH on the winter mornings you will prob just keep em switched on all the time.

they are easy to install - simple connection straight to battery, and since having them on, i havent had any probs with battery draining or anything like that. even if i have left the switch on by accident overnight.

probably the best winter purchase for me…

That puts their total price at over $110… ouch…

I have Exo heated gloves and there is more than enough cable, which you need to tie up some of the slack.

“Y” Cable runs up by the waist/, round back of jacket through the arms either side to the gloves. The single end from waist joins to a connector plugged to a separate part of the wiring system. This is part of the wiring is directly connected to the battery via in line fuse.

Havign moaned every winter about cold fingers I’m seriously thinking of getting the Keis battery powered inner gloves as I don’t fancy the idea of cables dangling around. What I don’t quite understand is whether they’ll work off standard rechargeable batteries or only the expensive Li-on ones. They’re website looks deliberately obtuse on this…£50 for the gloves is one thing but the same again for Li-ons and a charger- they’re having a larf!

this would be the best solution for me too… but the price of the batterypack is takin the pea! let me know if you try it :wink:

I’ll try to get in touch with them and get to the bottom of it…will let you know the outcome.

Okay Pan so I’ve contacted the Keis supplier and I’m afraid the Keis inner gloves will not work off standard rechargeable batteries. Either you power them straight off the bike battery with the leads provided, or via the vest, or from the Li-on battery pack that costs as much as the gloves.

Personally, I might just stretch to the £50 for the inner gloves but another £50 on top for the batteries?- no thanks…

Anyway, usually by the time I’ve decided to take the plunge and buy this sort of thing we’re into deep winter and they’ve all sold out! Ho-hum…

I’ve not tried the Y-cable as I plug then into my jacket liner. If it’s not cold enough for the heated liner (which of course you can have off or on low) then I don’t bother with the heated gloves and just use my heated grips to keep the chill off.

heated grips … buy a decent set …

thanks for looking into this LiM… i think i might by the ones with the lead and connect them to the battery.