Heated gear

Guys and gals,

Can anyone recommend a heated waistcoat and retailer of said item. Got a monster journey (boom boom) coming up and don’t want to brass monkey it.


Just eat loads of beans and fart to raise the temp thats always worked for snap


I always thought hands and feet were the first things to be heated… they get coldest, quickest.

And have you ever tried using the levers with numb fingers…? so much scarey fun

wrap up in an electric blanket and get a very long extention lead…

Me thinks BMW do a range of heated clothing.



He rode a blazing saddle, he wore a shining star…

About 280 miles each way to be exact :eek:

Got heated grips already so no probs there. Usually too hot actually.

The theory is that if your torso is warm then your extremities are too. Can confirm it doesn’t work on mountains though

Dainese also do a heated jacket, it’s pretty funky. Adrenalin X have them in stock (15% LB discount). This sort of stuff is never cheap though mate!

Jay, not a good move, I’m a kit junky and it’s a seriously cool bit of kit!

It’s called the Dainese Power Cell:

Power Cell is an electrically heated jacket, equipped with an automatic system to maintain the desired temperature in the heated areas. It is worn under a garment appropriate for the season and for the specific use. This garment must be waterproof and airtight. Components: - Group of two rechargeable batteries located inside the front pocket; - Three heating elements with relative temperature probes built into the garment, positioned on the chest, the cervix region and lumbar region - Control unit with display to turn on the system and set the desired temperature for each heated area. The display is located on the right cuff of the jacket; - Microprocessor to control the entire system, located on the right forearm - Separate battery charger powered at 220 volts. The desired temperature can be set for each heated area, with the choice of 5 levels ranging from 20c-40c. Battery Life: At maximum power delivered simultaneously to the three heated areas, the system can function for about an hour and a half. This time increases considerably if the outer garment is appropriate for a cold and windy environment. To increase the duration of the battery charge, do not set the internal temperature of the jacket to excessively high levels.

And I’m going down to Barnds tomorrow!

Crikey, that’s some bit of kit! Waterproof I presume / hope.

But it’s gonna cost a fortune, Dainese being who they are. Surely there is loads of cheaper stuff around - a simple heated vest is all you need yes?




Try them to start with, then the usual bike kit places.

Why not just get a waterproof, breathable oversuit to keep the cold air out, then jump around for a bit everytime you stop for fuel ?

You’re not going up to the Artic Circle I presume?

that is awesome - what’s the damage?

Yes, but I NEED this Power Cell thing now See that’s the way it works. You see a bit of kit, you like said kit, you buy said kit.

After all my motto is, ‘he who dies with the most kit wins’.

TBH I have looked at the price of all the other bits of kit and by the time you take the LB discount into consideration it works out being competitive, about 250 all in. The only thing is that because the armour is build in you have to wear a non-armoured jacket over it (to prevent road rash), so no chance of wearing it under the leathers.

Beemer solution is about 170, Webber is about 219, Storm Rider is about 248, Chilli is 134.

I like your moto Mini-Mo I tried one of these on at AX, and felt like a storm-trooper, it rocks. You’re supposed to wear it under something else for further protection.

Cool motto man. I know that idea well.

So where you going anyway?

I didn’t even know that gear like this exist!

This Dainese stuff it’s really cool!

hahahaha! I have tried that and doesn’t work! The hot air manages to get into your helmet and trust me, it’s not fun at all !

hey mini mo - did you get one of those powercells in the end? is it the daddy?

Oi shut it fat boy!!! Like DJ JC, let the flab do its job.

Andrea from AX was supposed to ring me back when my size came in. TBH I had kinda forgot about it. Thanks for reminding me, I’ll chase him up. It’s going to get a lot colder out there so defo going to need it.