Heads Up Advice

Hey fellow LBers…

I have just read Andrews article on Cornering…Twice !! and pretty damm good it is too !!

You have covered some of my personal little hang-ups and worries there so BROWNIE POINTS awarded !!

Take a look guys and gals its well worth the read !!

Cheers for that Andrew !!

Indeed nice work andrew, must have took you some time.

ta mate

I’ll third that - essential reading, thanks.

made good reading, well done mate, it covered some of my own hang ups.

It’s all good stuff you can apply to riding in general, no matter what speed you like to ride at. Well done Andrew!

For those who are new , here is the link for that:


Just read the first article on the main page

Ill agree with that…was a good read and cleared up many misconceptions…can som1 write a guide to wheelying now!!!

Very well written and full of very useful information. Well worth a study and then putting into practice.

Yup very good Mr A!

Where is he anyway havent heard from him in ages!

He gave the Biking up and joined the Pink Ladies from Grease !!!

He is doing back to back track days - believe he is at Cadwell Park today and was at Mallory Park yesterday.

Nice one Andrew - particularly liked the phrase ‘slow in, fast out - fast in, ambulance out’. Made me chuckle, that did.

Is he really? Lucky bugger!

Oh poop was hoping to get my rear footpegs off him today for polishing

Cheers all, nice that it’s being read.

Hope you do put it into practice, and that bit about a rideout is meant as a serious offer.

And yes, a trackday overload, visits up north and work are conspiring to stop me coming out and playing but this weekend I should be