Headlight Help!!!!

Right I have my lovely race fairing for my bike to replace the cracked originals. Just need to get some headlights for the road. Only problem is I can find any decent ones

I’ve seen loads of bikes with small round lights but I can’t find anywhere that sells them.


Hehehe just found this http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/GILERA-RUNNER-FX-VX-PUREJET-QUAD-HEADLIGHT-HEADLAMP_W0QQitemZ8058886244QQcategoryZ25640QQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem maybe I could remove the lights and mount them in the fairing what ya think anyone?

I think you’ll find they’re only little 12v/20w jobbies and not much good for anything.

you might want to look at the DVLA rules for mounting lights and spec you need, before splashing any cash about.

Well I’ve sorted out a good pair of lights thanks to Gareth

I know these lights won’t be better then the originals, but then I have no chioce seeing as I’m putting on race fairing and I’m on a tight budget.

Don’t worry it will be MOT passable

Good luck with it, post up a pic when you’re done, always interested to see innovative solutions.