Heading for Devon on "L" plates...am i mad???

I want to take a ride down to Devon on my bike to see my parents. As its a 125 on “L” plates i was wondering if anyone could suggest the best route.

It would usually take me about 4 and a half hours by car on the motorways. But, obviously i can’t use these roads.

I’ve had a quick look on google, using the A13, going thru London, then picking up the A30, i reckon about 6 hours…

Route would be:

Tilbury to Holsworthy

Help would be appreciated


my brother went to hull and back in a day on L plates with his yamaha rxs 100

i was planeing to ride down to cornwall on my 125 but neaver got around to it dur to insureance and petrol money i would dule carrage ways/a roads arnt as slow as motorways anyway when i go cornwall in the car normally takes about 4 and a half to 5 houres from southeast london and we only go on a motorway for 1 juntion on the m25 then we go a roads all the way down xD

A friend rode to Liverpool on a moped a couple of times, so why not?

Two things, eat plenty to stave off tiredness, and have a pint for me in the Rydon Inn!

Also when we go down that way we avoid the motorways, A303 A30 all the way.

Thru city, pick-up A30, onto A303, then back onto A30, and a final ride through the real country lanes…

Got it down to 249miles on google, but don’t believe it’s gonna take 7 and a half hours???:crazy:

My arse is already starting to clench at the thought!!! LMAO!!! :pinch:

Padded cycling shorts…:wink:

Take it easy, enjoy the ride. It’ll take as long as it takes. Imagine if it starts chucking down with rain half-way through? It’ll take even longer…just take it easy and enjoy!

I don’t think you’re mad in the slightest btw. I’ve done two weeks of regular riding down to near Southampton, in all Weathers, and having gotten there I feel I could easily go on and do the same again. Riding on A roads is fun, much more fun than on a Motorway…

6 hours is a long time on the bike, do-able but I’d set off nice and early and factor in some nice long breaks in the middle.

If it’s rainy/cold that day it could get a bit miserable, I rode to Preston earlier in the year and it turned to windy/rainy/shitey weather for the last 50 miles, it wasn’t much fun by that point.

no its not…ask trackdayjunkie about hours on a bike !!!

or go to Brugge wiv busa55…thats a long one as well :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t like doing that trip on a 125 you’ll get loads of cars, vans, trucks doing dodgy overtakes on you :ermm: I wouldn’t like not having the power to avoid situations that might occur.
Take some ear plugs with you for all the wind noise and a screaming 125 engine, all the best if you choose to do it.

A13 into London
A4 out of London
A30 to Dartmoor
leaves a 20 mile jaunt into Holsworthy

250 miles, if you can average 40mph it’ll take the best part of 7 hours riding.
By the time you factor in fuel stops and breaks you’ll be looking at around 10 hours.
If you’re happy at that remember you’ve got to get back too.

No problem just stick to A/B roads, you will feel very vulnerable on Motorways with the faster moving. Enjoy the ride. :slight_smile:
Arts route would work well. :slight_smile:

Thanks Art.

Planning to stick to the speed limits as often as i can;)

Once i get bike up to 70-80mph it sits there quite happily:D

Gonna sing to myself, loudy and badly out of tune…:crazy:

Indicated 80mph is probably just 70 …

and you’ll not be too much of that as you wend your way through towns and villages. What’s not 60mph National you’ll find to be 50’s & 40’s with far too many 30’s thrown in as you work your way trough village after village after town.

Full trip report required now, noting start time, finish time, fuel stops, breaks, fuel consumption, weather, road and traffic conditions.

Awesome idea, just make sure you aren’t on any deadline. Take the A/B-roads, let it take as long as it takes and enjoy :slight_smile:

I did a 200 mile trip on a 125 for a laugh recently and really enjoyed pootling along…just watch out for slowing down when you are going up hill!

Check the weather, definitely bring extra warm clothes to put on if you need and avoid if there’s a chance of rain. The last thing you need is to be three hours in with three to go and cold or wet :frowning:

doddle on a 125…when I was young n stupid as opposed to old n stupid I regularly did Luton to Taunton on a Honda SS50 moped when going to and from leave :w00t:

jeez thats going back some years

thats a good route dude…jump on the 303 as early and jump off it as late as possible…amazing road…takes ya past stonehenge too :slight_smile:

Agree with the A30

Go for it :wink: