Head Race Bearing Change Before Tuesday!?

My bike’s in for a service at the mo, but they probably won’t have time to change my head-race bearings which are gone. I want the bike sorted for the trackday on Tuesday. Does anyone know where I can get this done asa?

if you got the bearings id do it for you jay :slight_smile:

some head race bearing repalcement pics jay

i Made up this little tool for the pegged nuts, really helps because you can tourque to the right setting.

you cant with a drift…

the inner races are really easy to get out as MR zuki provided these nice little cut aways to put your drift in… :slight_smile: 41mm socket is perfect for tapping in new races, only touches the outer edge of the inner race :hehe: new bearings… well greased with CV joint grease the hardest part is getting the lower race off the streeing stem… if you buy new bearings aways buy a new dust seal too as theres no way of getting it off without bending it…!!tap around under the lower race with a thin chisle to ease it off then stick it all back together…!!!

Nice pics! its good to see an enthusiast at work :slight_smile: