Head gasket leak?

Washing my bike I’ve found a strange small oily spot, nothing serious but it came off again after a couple of days. It looks like a leaking head gasket but I’m not really experienced in that matter. Any ideas?

Clean it up, go for a blast and put a bit of lode through the engine. Stop and check again. If there’s a leak a high revving engine will force something through so you should see it … replace if necessary…

will try 2morrow, thx mate

You might be lucky and find it’s a lesser gasket letting oil run down and stain it. Cam cover etc. Lesser meaning cheaper :wink:

hey grim can you get the heads of with the bike in situ or is it an engine out job…

I remember mine and my mates Bandit 12’s both suffered with oil weeping from the half moon rubber seals on the rocker cover. Even after replacing the seals they were still the same. With any luck that’s all yours will be too!