He got away with this...

but christ knows how…!


that was seriously lucky

:w00t: lucky man indeed

mother of mercy! you gotta be pro to keep on that bucking bronco. I shat myself just watching it unfold :w00t:

Top marks to the camera man for pulling away from what could have been a very nasty moment

He was concerned for his OWN safety.

Having lived on and off the Island over the past 20 years I know a lot of the guys that cover and Marshall the TT and he was not in the firing line.

That was just a case of not wanting to show someone possibly ending his life.

It looked like he didn’t tense up which would have helped. Maybe he was a motocross rider in his past or something.

True but as a cameraman myself, my vote’s with Pete, he was making sure he wasn’t the recipient of a 185mph engine block down the barrel… there’s being professional and doin your job and then there’s the Marshall’s rule… personal safety comes first.

F*ck knows how he stayed on!!!

TT never fails to astonish - the skills that these guys have are like other worldly . . .

Could not agree more, but I think lady luck played a big hand in saving that one.

churns my stomach just thinking about what might have happend

ay caramba!!!

Massive save and I’m guessing there was a massive level of skill and luck involved!

Kawasaki traction control works wonders :hehe:

oh s**t… seriously lucky