HD Dying?

To give you an idea of how cheap chips were as a 16 year old I could afford to own and run a motorcycle on apprentice’s pay of a paltry £5 for a 48 hour week. That was after I paid me mum £2/10/- for me keep and I still had enough for 10 cigarettes and a cafe bacon butty lunch each day and a proper good Saturday night/Sunday morning with the g/f on pillion.

I’m thinking that £2/10/- (£2.50) would be the equivalent of around £40.00 per week today and Harold Macmillan had already told the previous generation they’d never had it so good!.


That was the life :grin:

You can see it in movies like Quadrophenia. A whole aspirational generation getting mobile. These days the only youth bike movement seem to be the criminal element.

We were there man (almost) @GeoffB

To be honest, the main reason behind the change wasn’t drugs & the like, it was simply that cars became a lot more affordable.

The change in the learner law didn’t help either. The car option became a lot more attractive when alternative was a 125 rather than a 250LC.

Well, HD has been removed from the S&P500 stock listings:

It’s going to be hilarious when the Chinese buy it for pennies…


Maybe but it’s such an iconic American company I suspect that the US Government will block it.

4K has definitely taken over HD (1080p)


Another update on Harley:

700 jobs to go, with 500 by the end of the year and the CFO has gone immediately.

Met up with a mate yesterday and we swapped bikes…
Could not for the life of me ride that thing!!

Was constantly in the wrong gear and could not corner!


That’s why they’re also know as Hardly Ablesome.


Dear god that thing is ugly

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Even for a HD that is ugly, and what is the colour to much red wine vomit?

That’s a conche e Toro merlot vomit colour

Q2 world sales down 27%

Hardly surprising as April, May June where the height of the global lock down. It’ll be interesting to see how they fair Q3 ad Q4.

Lol fuck me. New CEO reverses the advances that the last CEO made. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uIxtbV2eggk

are those car tyres on there?

Also, can you see the two blokes in the left looking at it thinking WTF is that… hahaha

Oh dear, that doesn’t look good especially if you watch that straight after Fort9 videos on why HD declined in the first place.