HD and Black History Month

Harley Davidson of NYC celebrates Black History Month from Daydream Filmworks on Vimeo.

Harley Davidson of NYC celebrates Black History Month presenting a photo exhibition by photographer Darius Vick.

Denim & Chrome: The Evolution of Black Bikers from Daydream Filmworks on Vimeo.

For best playback, click “play” and then “pause” and let the the video load to its entirety

Denim & Chrome is a photo series & film documenting the evolution of black bikers in America, chronicling their lifestyle and influence on modern pop culture.

From the long, raked-out forks of their Harley Davidson bikes to high-cuffed tailored jeans, black bikers have always infused their unique style aesthetic into the world of motorcycling.
As early as the 1940s, war veterans formed motorcycle clubs like the Space Riders as a way to continue the brotherhood of soldiering in the civilian world. Members of the group wore matching outfits adorned with western patterned shirts and trousers seamed with piping.

Today a new breed of biker exists. They are lawyers, doctors, barbers, and photographers. These bikers sport designer jeans, Nikes, and shell-toe Adidas shoes.
Denim & Chrome gives outsiders an exclusive look at the modern day biker and introduces a new face on the culture.


and wot month is HD and white history month?

just to keep it fair etc.

I think that is the remaining 11 months

nah gingers get a week in feb :w00t: