Haynes manual...

For Honda SH125/150, Dylan 125/150, @125/150, PS125/150, Pantheon 125/150 & S-wing 125/150
Years 2000 to 2009

I have a copy, meant to leave it with my scooter when I sold it but forgot.
Any use to any LBers?

Free to a good home :slight_smile:

eBay it …

Gets you a couple of blue beer vouchers if you’re lucky

I thought about that but, EBay requires patients…not one of my virtues!


i will take that off your hands as i have a slightly injured SH125i, drop it in to the shop if you can?:slight_smile:

No worries
Might come by tomorrow…unless its raining

Yes, ebay requires time and patience. Not only do you have to list the item you also have to take it to the post office. So you could be looking at an hour of your time and energy for between £5 and £10 reward and that’s before you consider buyers who pay late, ask 50 questions or are just plain irritating. I wish I’d flung half of the stuff I recently sold on ebay in a skip. I tend to post here first before considering ebay.

i’m off tomorow pop in tuesday, should have time for a coffee;):slight_smile:

See you tomorrow :slight_smile:

cheers for that fella, manual will come in usefull when i pull the SH apart:D

feel free to pop in for a coffee and a chat when ever your about dude, plus you know we is the best HG:D