Hayabusa vs ZX12

Mileage? Condition?

Blimey £3500 for an '00 busa ? I was only after £4.3k for mine (53 plate)


3.5k good condition (one careful owner) 25k miles, blue flame exhausts datatag alarm. Usual fairing chips nothing major. Garaged. I have been watching ebay/biketrader for a few months now and they are going for about 3,000 - 3,500.

I know of a '99 up for £3k. Black and grey.

25k miles
Full Titanium Akro
Small Airbox Mod
PAIR system removed
K & N Filter
02 on wavy washer clutch mod (stops grabbing on pull away)
Nearly new bridgestone 021’s
Power commander
DSD Custom remap
Black double bubble
Hump & Pillion seat/grab rail included
Brilliant condition for year
Fuel system recently stripped and cleaned
Brand new bendix MMR front pads
Braided hoses

dealers got one up by me its a 2000 red black with 11500 on it 3150 pounds his a good bloke and a bit off flex on the price its at www.cooperbmotcyles .co.uk have fun

from wot you said earlier m8 i get the feeling its a busa for ya, i think if you get the zx12 you will always have in the back of your mind i should have got the busa.

Was this the one from Maidstone with the red hoses and levers? Sounds very interesting!!!

I enquired after this one, it had a deposit on it, and its a Jersey import - just had new shimms fitted. Could be worth another phone call. Looked really clean.

This one’s in Wokingham. It’s on ukbusas.org with pics.


This reminds me of threads on kit car forums where the debate is even stronger ! Busa always wins :wink:

Cheers for that Tom, he’s got someone coming to look at it today - but if he has no joy I’ll nip up there next weekend.

Even better, get a Blackbird! Better build quality than both 'Busa and ZX, incredible brakes (yes I’m looking at you, Busa), made to last… and maybe like what, 5% less powerful? Like you’re really going to notice the difference ^^ :smiley:

If I was pushed to make a choice between the two I’d go for the Busa:cool:

busa - do it. :smiley:

Says the Blackbird owner :stuck_out_tongue:

Go for the Busa, went through all this when I bought one and never regretted it. :cool:

Ride all and decide - it will be easy :wink:

Blackbirds are so damn ugly tho’!

Missed out on a lovely Bus this morning, the one Tom mentioned, a bloke left a deposit on it! Oh well!!!

But thats a h*nda!

Search is gonna get serious now cos the Bogies gone!

I went round terry’s this morn on me bike, no more than 2 miles if that, me legs were frozen, bloke who’s bought it is taking back to Blackpool, he was wrapped up quite a bit, lol

They like subtle colours in Blackpool:D

That’s a shame mate. But it’s a good website to pick up a well looked after busa, at a good price.


:cool:Check out my video on youtube and then u’ll sure know


i hope that u know now:)