Hayabusa vs ZX12

So I’m torn between the 2, love the zx12 but the riding position will take some getting use to.Busa feels a little more comfy. like both physically as much as each other. The ZX12 is about 3-400 £ cheaper. Decisions - decisions!

I’d go for the ZX12… just looks so much better.

I suppose ultimately it will be fightered a little while down the road??? :ermm: And Busa’s look better fightered. But your right - they do have a sleak edge.


Busa’s are nice…ZX’s are better! mate has one, he test rode both, he prefered the ZX…perfers the look and riding postion.

ZX does look sleeker, doesnt look as long and stretched as a busa.

There have been a few reviews over the years of the Busa v ZX12 v something else. Might be worth searching for.

For me it had to be the 'busa. IMO the zx12 is nowhere near as good.


Don’t mind the stretchedness of the Busa as I’m pretty big it needs to look… pretty big. Or I could look like a clown on a mini moto or something???

I’m a bit oldskool on the fighter subject - the bestest looking ones are oil-cooled suzuki slingshots with polished alloy cradle frames :slight_smile:

I just don’t like water-cooled fighters - there’s too much plumbing to make them look clean and beam frames are just plain ugly.
Would be nice to see a Spondon-framed ZX12, though, If you could tidy up the cooling system :slight_smile:

If it were me, I’d go for the Busa. I think you are starting from a much higher cred position and, looking at what you do to your bikes, I think you will have an absolutely awesome result. Busa, Busa, Busa! :slight_smile:

The ZX12r is a great looking bike and is supposed to ride really well - but if you are going to go for this kind of bike - you might as well start off with the daddy - the Busa :smiley: - aftert all - it ain’t the daddy for nothing! :smiley:

busa the daddy!!! dont make me laugh, its big and clumsy looking just like the local bully. which is how i see it. the class bully. i must admit tho its bloody quick, maybe to get away from all the trouble it starts :P:P

It is the daddy - or icon - if you like - hyperbike - just look at the cult following it has in the states where owners heavily mod it and nitrous it and bet money in street drag races - yeah - it is big long and looks a bit like it’s melted in the sun - but if that’s the kind of bike your after then you might as well get the cult bike rather than the ‘others’ (ZX12Rs and Birds).

+1:) no contest;) They are not in the same league, IMO:P

if you go for the Busa don’t forget to have a monthly tyre budget:):):P:w00t:

This might be usefull.

Cheers guys - still none the wiser, but I think cost may come in to it. The 2000 Busa’s are going for about £3500 with the ZX12 at about £2800.

Good read cheers Buck… case for the kwak i think;)

busa is king,jack the back up make them turn faster,engines like a turbine u dont need a gearbox,brakes are a bit weak,cruise all day or do b roads like a sports bike but u wont get thrown out the saddle.very stable over the bumps and very comfy.early zx12 have very snachy injection,got better on the b models.i tried both,busa was better but im a 5 10`so the busa has lower seat so it suited me,had for two years,put 6000 miles on it and sold it to a dealer for what i paid for it.avon last the longest on the back,but i like 014 for grip but last about 1000 miles.as for petrol its no worse than my currant r1 if ridden hard,i think u find most people who have owned one regret selling them,i know i do,thats why they hold there money.


let fate decide m8, see wot comes up at the time.

I think you’re right there. Mine is up for sale, but I think I’ll be keeping it after all. It’s just such a good bike. :slight_smile:

Got a choice between 2 at the minute - zx12 for £2750 and Busa for £3500. I’ve got a budget of £3000 but can burn the plastic for the other 500.