hayabusa LED sidelights

heres a couple of pics, £4 from ebay for 24cmm leds and an hours work :slight_smile:


Picture 003.jpg

erm, they are not the pics i attached??? i dunno where they came from!

managed to get two pics of the busa up by changing the pic title, dont know where there DRz has come from???

A little bug, sorry :slight_smile:

adam.are thay located where your ariintake should be…and have you had a repaint:)

yeah, just tied round the inside of the grill, re-painted the inside chrome bits of my indicators and got a black light cover but thats all :slight_smile:

very nice mate and different

I had a simialr problem when I uploaded a pic last week. it was putting ducatis onto my post… LOL

You have to give ur pics distintive names, if u just upload 0001.jpg … it clashes with all the other 0001.jpg’s that have been uploaded.

( i think ) lol.

More on point, the first 2 Busa pics with the bright lights ,is there somming else in there giving off all that light

or is it just the led strips ya can see in the 3rd pic ?