Hayabusa headlight

I think my headlight is wired up incorrectly

I’m thinking:

A=Side Light
B=High Beam/Pass Light
C=Main Beam

Would that be right?

Isn’t B your main/dipped beam and C your high beam ?

Edited cos i’m not sure i understand MY post!

Hello pal, thats how it is right now, but I’m thinking it was incorrect? But I could be wrong???

I was only asking as i’ve just looked at some pics of Busas on here and thats how they seem to be wired.

Cheers for that, looks like I was wrong. :smiley:

I prefer the term ‘mistaken’ ! :smiley:


tel showed me yesterday and when main beam is on and then turn high beam on is is not higher, just brighter cos 2 bulbs working etc.

does not seem to work as low/high beam.

I think thats how it is John, seen a couple of pics with headlights on - online and they all have the top light as a main beam. Seems strange?

Now you have made Grim turn his ignition on :stuck_out_tongue:

A Side
B Dip only(low)
C Main(high) & Pass

Does that help? :smiley:

Yeah, thanks Debz, thats great, I just thought it would have been the other way. But that seems to be the correct way. Bet Grim wants to go out now?

He couldn’t remember how to use the lights :wink: :smiley:

He has just found some furring from some salt he must have missed during the last wash so cleaning day tomorrow! :blink:

Did he put the indicators on insted? Ha