Hayabusa for Sale

Full listing here guys.
Happy to consider Offers.


sorry to hear that it has to go :frowning: you might want to mention the mileage in the auction text itself.

It wont let me edit it for some reason !?!?!? The milage is on the details bit but should have put it on the text as you said.


But congratulations on coming nuptials. :cool:

you should be able to add it as a update that appears at the bottom, i can’t remember the exact method.

Anyhoo, congrats for the pending wedding and commiserations for selling the bike :slight_smile:

Good luck with the sale and good luck with wedding :slight_smile: hoping it doesn’t come to that for me and Sean! Hope you manage to get something else after you’ve tied the knot.

The bike has sold.

Thanks for the Good luck re the wedding and the commiserations re the bike.
It has been an expensive ornament for a while and just not getting used as it should.
I will be back with another one at some point in the future.


That was a quick sale! You will have to change your username to that now :slight_smile:

Congratulations on wedding and the quick sale!

Cheers Tiggi.
Is that Sherrie ? If it is hope you’re well and life is all good. x

Yes Baz, I’m back from New York after 4 years!