Hay everyone!

I’m new to the site just saying hi.

I been riding my motorbike nearly 2 years, got a honda CBF250 love it to bits. Do want to upgrade to maybe 500 or 600 someday tho.

hello and welcome,

gt a pic of ur bike?

welcome to the site

Hello and Welcome

Hi and welcome aboard.

Thanks guys :slight_smile:

Will get a pic of the bike up on Sunday, gotta borrow a camera.

varney why not get your own lol only joking mate.

see you soon oh by the way welcome mate took ya time


Hello Veeman, welcome to LB! Feel free to post up some snaps of your bike in the pics forum!

Welcome aboard Size aint everything

Welcome Dude!!

Look forward to seeing that bike! Will prob be up the Ace with Sarah on Monday if you can get there!


Yeah i’m too tight to get my own camera lol
Gary & Sarah i’ll be up there on monday too, so see u there! :slight_smile:
Thanks Jay and Grimbusa, will hopefully get pics today.

Heres some pics of my bike :slight_smile:


nice bike, do you know how to get there now??

Thanks, yeah i’m sure i got it now - will find out tomorrow i guess lol

Hi and wlcome mate.

sweet bike you have there

Welcome to LB dude!