Having trouble touching the floor on your bike.......

Just wear stupidly high stilettos, I’m sure they offer great protection as well as allowing you to touch the floor comfortably lol :w00t:

Beautiful!!! :smiley:

We can just imagine Rioting Rob in a pair:w00t:

you wont see that in london :slight_smile:

Sexy b1tch! :w00t: We need more of that kind of thing! :smiley:

i like the color coordination of helmet/trousers and heels/top :w00t:

Oooohhh! get you Pan! :kiss: - I also like the way your orange nail polish matches your bike! lol! ;):smiley:

Was just thinking the same thing:w00t::w00t::smiley:

That pic should be in the Adult section because to me thats porn;):smiley:

dont diss my outfit tiglet…:stuck_out_tongue:

Looks like my next door neighbour.

She is Italian ( obviously ) and goes out on the bike in white jeans and a white wool coat and manages to come back spotless.

These should match the bike - note extra thick soles for added height too:D

Thinking more along these lines:DYep they will do:w00t::smiley:

thats why i asked you to lend the nail polish :stuck_out_tongue:

lol! Yeah I want my polish back! My nails have got all chipped after putting in a new set of plugs last week! :smiley:

actually we have. girl in stilletos at the ace a few years back took out an r1 into the strip outside. lets just say its was a brief demonstration of her riding abilities :doze:

love how you lot are thinking about the safety aspects, and i’m looking at a sexy ass in heels!

Oi Pan you nancy, **** off to the kitchen will ya, all the other girls are talking about make up and chocolate! :slight_smile:

Best bit was it wasnt her bike if I remember the story correctly ! wasnt there personally !

does that include you? :stuck_out_tongue: