having some fun

heres me having a bit of knee down fun


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Copy of Picture 011.jpg

Hehe, nice shots fella! Looks like a sweet spot for some scratchin’ fun! Keep em coming…

Welcome to LB joint, looks like a lot of fun mate where were you?

Oh and poke poke n SmacK with the newbie crutches

Now don’t upset AJ and go post in the newie section.

cool! I wish i could get my knee down.

Hey mate nice one! I am so damn close to that! Just a sliders depth at the mo and the bassa just wont touch down!

Keep the shots coming!

heres a cpl more for. ps thx for the comments


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Copy of Picture 010.jpg

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hey really good pics!!

nice bike

Si is gonna love you!

poke poke with the newbie stick


I was going to say, what are the chances…? but we all know it is 1 in 500… LOL

Lovely pics mate … apart from the yellow bits …

Where is that roundabout it looks like the perfect place to practice?

Oh yeah nice bike! Better looking than Simons one