Having my BigBang R1 carbon wrapped...

Im having my bike wrapped in a carbon effect wrap and these are the pictires so far…


I need some domed tuning forl logos for the tank and some carbon heel gaurds and im finished… If there is any such thing as a finished bike… You allways seem to find more bits you ‘need’ at the shows…

Wow. going to look stunning.

See Dan (captain slow on here) for a quote for remaining panels. He is very competitive and does a good job. Well thats if your not doing it yourself.

I’m having both the stunt bike re-wrapped and my cbr soon… not sure which needs it the most!!

Does it normally only last under a year, or is that due to dropping it etc?

The Yam is look immense. Very arousing (I’m sure I’m not normal!)

I was thinking of getting this done to my bike. But I want it clear just to protect the paintwork.

Anyone have a rough idea of how much it will set me back and how long am I looking at?

CBR :smiley:

The wrap on the stunt bike is in worse condition though!!! I know what im doing to that! But i dunno what to do for the CBR!!!

I think ALL-E has had her stunt bike wrapped for over a year and it still looks good to me. I think there is on place that needs to be redone but that wasn’t bad workmanship it was her patience wearing thin and wanting her bike back in a day!

Errr no actually that’s not what happened…

June last year wasn’t it?

Err Yes it was!!!

If you really want to get into this… PM me

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I didn’t demand to have it in a day… you actually had the bike for 3 days and it was rushed because the garage was being used…

OOO i can finish it… we had the bike for one day to wrap Ally!!!

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