Having just been victim of a hit-run..

Bit more new - he said he had a guiness and a glass of red wine – witnesses he’d had champagne and white wine.


It’s not so much the drink / death … everybody can be stupid with terrible consequences …

It’s the ****ing running away ( I’ve been left lying in country road at 1am while the car ****ed off!! )
It’s the hiding out to sober up
It’s the attempt to blame the dead man…

His pathetic squirming!! …could be some quality showertime with some bull queens…

HUnt him down and cut off his gonads and push them in to his lying gutless mouth, vey weak, hopw anyone can use his company for anything needs to be made aware of what a lying sack of boiled vomit the guy is, his friends are no better, I hope it haunts the twat for the rest of his days.

a accident it may of been but I feel if you walk away and hide from something like that then it should be Murder.

Hopefully he will go down for x years, but the problem lies in that he will probably get let out in half that time for good behaviour.

One can only hope that he gets his just deserts in prison.