Having just been victim of a hit-run..

…I obviously have strong feelings on the subject.


Allow me to translate-this is how it went IMO:

" I ( TV exec in story ) was at a christening doe with my media mates -

We all got half cut and I drew the short straw

I pulled out in this state without looking carefully


I ran away due to panic and knowing I’d get breathalyzed

Met up with my mate to get the story straight ( fainting in a field sound plausible )

I waited until sober to report to the police

I will blame the biker - because its widely known they’re suicidal nutters on their way to death.

I hope I get off with a fine I can easily afford and a short ban in which time I’ll hire a driver and charge it to the company"

Lets see what he get, eh.
Makes my ****ing blood boil…

I’ve been the victim of a hit and run myself and stories like that make me soooo mad. “It was like standing next to a racetrack” - what a c*ck!! What are the chances that he gets of with a ban and a fine?

Hang the fcuking winker, i had a cousin killed by a drunk lorry driver many years ago, who done the same sort of thing, fcuked off from the scene then when he thought he was sober went to police!!! Makes my blood more than boil!!

Thi sickens me, in my job pursuing motor claim I have to help people pick up the pieces following incidents just like this. If cage drivers did look, did pay attention and weren’t the most inatttentive users of the road this woudln’t happen.

Rant over.

“his death was no doing of mine.” WTF???

That sums him up really, the self centred C**T. 20 years inside would do for starters. Leaving the scene of an accident should always be a mandatory custodial sentence, far as I’m concerned. Deterrent effect. I too been victim of H&R in the past but I came off OK luckily.

Don’t even need to read the article to know what it’s gonna be about.

Christ on a bike, will we ever start with a smattering of justice on our side?

What do we have to do to change opinions like those that featured in and I daresay wrote the article?

Answers on a postcard to www.londonbikers.com please.

Madness isn’t it? It makes my blood boil as well. I think leaving the scene of an accident should carry a much higher penalty than it does, but I believe it SEVERELY affects the case proceedings. Can someone clarify that?

Absolutely insane…I thought refusing to accept responsibility for one’s own actions was primarily an American failing…apparently not.

We had snow here a few weeks ago…the local TV news crew were out interviewing drivers…they interviewed a soccer Mom driving a Chevy Suburban (a MASSIVE SUV only slightly smaller than an M-1 Tank…) and asked her “why are you driving such a HUGE vehicle like this, alone (it seats 10 adults), in conditions like this?”

Her response?

“So if I get in an accident, I WIN.”

I win?! WTF is that about? People just suck… :rant

unless it’s with a tree on the outside of the first snowy bend, preferrably down a bank so the barge can pick up some speed…

Unbelievable some people are just unreal they really are. We live in a world of no morals now days! The sentence for it should be huge but because it’s not people often have no remorse and lie and cheat there way out of things like this.

And his sentence will be…?

Bet I can guess…but anyone know how to find out? Are they posted anywhere?

they should send that f#cker away for life. f#cking lightweight had a few drinks & thought he could handle it, instead he took someones life away. Anyone remember when naz the boxer wrote off his slr mercedes when smashing into a golf & fled the scene, left the bloke in the other car with broken limbs. f#cking c#ck will probably get off with a fine. coz thats what its all about, money.

The 3 week adjournment is so a Pre sentence report can be written. IIRC the maximum sentence for death by dangerous driving is 10 years. The fact that he left the scene will be brought into play. It also looks like he was found guilty after trial, which means he will not get a discount on his sentence (up to a third) and tried to lie his way through it.

I would hazard a guess that he gets a sentence of four years. Wish I was writing his report

Quote from the defending lawyer: “He feels that he is going through the motions of his life. He is completely in limbo after having been a dynamic person.”

Poor fcking diddums perhaps he shouldnt have killed someone then. At least he gets to go through the motions of his life rather than losing it. Prison is the only answer surely… RIP biker

He fled the scene, he was def drunk! and with an 11 year old in the back! What an example he settin.

Thats just plain disgusting that story and his attitude

Well a £200 fine and 3 points on his licence should sort him right out… So our lovely court system would think.

Its like the driver who ran over a kid while driving dangerously, he got a 2yr ban and an £800 fine!

There is no justice in this country!

I read that and feel sick inside!!! The fu*ker should be locked up for good!!! COWARD!!!

Integrity is non-negotiable. Suffice to say this guy had none.

Sad, very sad indeed.

RIP Darren Beynon

This leaves a foul taste in the mouth.

People (and i use the term ‘people’ loosely) that flee the scene of an accident only do so as they have broken the law. End Of.

It’s usually because of alcohol or they are already banned etc.

The Court is Crown court and the judge would have already made his mind up as to why the lowlife ran…if your reading his excuse as pathetic believe me so is the Judge…

Anyway, the pre-sentence reports are a norm and i will be surprised if he doesn’t recieve a custodial…

Maximum penalty as already supplied by Strag is 10yrs…

From experience i reckon he’ll get about 4-6 yrs…hopefully more.

RIP young lad.

Someone, when they find out he gets sentenance please but it up…would like to see how long he foes down for