Having a thinking Day


Gone back to riding into work after a while on the trains. Now I know things were never great but this week has been beyond a joke.

Tuesday on the way in 3 cars an 2 motor bike nearly take me out, on the way home 1 vam 1 car and a cyclist!

yesterday some complete and utter twat on a CBR125 no mirrors no shoulder check steams out between to cars forcing me over because he did not see me!

this is literally just 2 of the days has been much like this for the whole week. Was bad enough when I had to watch for cagers but now I’m having to spend my time watching the bikes as well (well more so than ever) what are the roads coming too!

Rant over now

It seems to me that whenever there’s a full moon the irrational and aggressive behaviour is everywhere.

Some days I just seem to glide in no problems and then others it’s like I’m being ambushed by fuckwits every hundred yards.Addison Lee and drivers texting are sending me toward a Micheal Douglas falling down style episode.

according to a&e and police reports the full moon has no noticeable effect on people’s behaviour.

may i ask how long have you been off biking?

I don’t know how many times I’ve knocked on someones window when I’m right beside them when they are on the phone and do the ‘get off the fucking phone you complete and utter prick’ hand signal. They do **** themselves :slight_smile:

This morning was indeed a joke. If it wasn’t Boris Bikes pulling out from traffic, it was seasoned veteran’s that ought to know better.

I know we’ve all heard the cyclist rant before. But its getting worse. Theres going to be a few more nasty accidents and it needs to stop. Cos I have no wish to be a statistic because of these morons.

Anyway… carry on.

I was cycling in this morning, I had a lovely ride in, was a really pleasant morning for it. Nice bit of traffic light racing too.

There are idiots everywhere in London, walking, driving, riding you name it it’s no big deal though, just relax.

Sh1t happens

always look on the bright side of life…

been probably about 3 years give or take the occasional ride… but I never remeber it being this bad

I’m not stressed little annoyed thats all.

Just thinking is it really worth the hassle…

if you cant beat em. join em. no only joking. i think there are too many people in london mate.

Just thinking is it really worth the hassle…

if you dont enjoy comuting on the bike don’t I hate the tube and to much traffic and parking costs for the cars, and its the highlight of my day.

3 years!!! no wonder dude, it has gone much worse in 3 years no doubt about it!!! :laugh:

unless you are my neighbour, who is a paramedic, and dreads the full moon, she is convinced it brings out the nutter in people, and they will be busy for the whole shift.

On a night shift on the ward I could always tell it was a full moon by howthe patients behaved.

In A&E people will be a lot sicker and so less able to be ‘mad’.

I couldn’t agree more.

All the best John

That’s the way it goes, you have good and bad days, just to be aware more out there.

i’m still convinced the moon has a certain effect on people, but there was a serious report on this and they said it doesnt make any difference.

maybe they werent looking properly :smiley: