Haven't ridden my bike since November. What do I need to do before I do?


As the title says - unfortunately I haven’t ridden my gixxer since November. It’s been standing outside under a cover in my backyard with no movement whatsoever, breaking my heart whenever I saw it :smiley:

Main reason was that I just couldn’t be bothered to go out in the cold we had this winter. I’m not commuting anymore so getting dressed and wearing multiple layers of warm clothing feels like a drag nowadays. The other reason is my rear tyre is completely flat so I need to get it changed. Actually both as the thread is worn down to the minimum too.

So, first and foremost, I obviously need to charge my battery, which is easy.

Regarding tyres - I guess I will have to use a mobile tyre fitter as I can’t ride my bike with 3psi in them. I’ve seen http://www.londonmpr.co.uk/ being mentioned on this forum last year as being very good - is that still the case?

When it comes to tyre choice - not sure which ones to go with. For now, seeing how I’ve become a fair weather rider, I’m leaning towards Pirelli Diablo Supercorsa SP V2. I was determined to get Michelin Pilot Road 3 for a long time until a friend of mine recommended Pirelli’s so I thought I’d have a go. Besides, as silly as it is, I love the look of them! :smiley: Any thoughts on that?

Other than that, what else do I need to do before I go out apart from all the usual checks (lights, breaks, signals, etc.), letting it run for a bit to warm up and circulate the oil?

Haven’t had a break this long so just want to make sure I don’t do something silly.

Thanks in advance, all you motorcycling wizards out there!


Won’t your tyres hold any air? I’d pump them up and ride to a tyre place as it’ll be cheaper.

No idea how old your bike is, but not ridden from November shouldn’t have changed much. Maybe check the oil level.


You have to play this one by ear its probably just a question of running through those weekly checks few folk seem to bother with. Assuming you keep on top of a maintenance schedule there shouldn’t be too much else after checking the engine oil but don’t take anything for granted. If you know what you’re doing check in no particular order; engine oil, brake discs, pads & operation, coolant level, drive chain & sprockets, lights, horn, electricals, wheels & tyres throttle operation and then some.


check to see if you have breakdown cover with Homestart or similar .
if you do
Submit fault as flat battery and ask the attendant to pump up tyres


I’d drain the change coolant, oil and filter pretty sharpish. Your fuel might also be pretty stale. 4 months is longer than I’d want all those fluids sitting stagnant in a high performance bike

If you’ve got a paddock stand and a car, it will work out significantly cheaper to take the wheel off and take it to a bike shop for them to sort the wheel


In the same position. Hopping the batterie is still good. Going to give it a full service as it was due one before summer.


i left my GSXR 18 months
put a battery on it & it fired up staright away,
when you do switch the ignition on make sure the SET valve cables move,
other than that i would put air in the tyres & service it once it has started & not before


I left my RR for 2 years sadly. In that time it was just the fork seals that went. An interim service and new seals put her back on the road.


and grease the cables exhaust side


and check the exhaust clamps :thinking:


Mine is back on the road. Full service. Just need to sort out the fork seals.


You often find the fork seals will go on the side stand side only I’m told, it might be worth leaving on centre stand/paddock stand as appropriate next time it ends up sitting for some time