have you seen this ****

October 3, 2005

If at first you don’t succeed, run over a bunch of cars with a tricked-out Jeep.

That was the mindset of a bunch of Des Moines Bad Kids with some cash to blow, even more creativity and a definite appetite for destruction.

Following a plan that required more than $30,000, months of planning and the blessing of the Des Moines City Council, California-based video production company Bad Kids Inc. did its best to upstage the former MTV show “Jackass” when local stunt cyclist and filmmaker Kenneth “C-BO” Rodine launched a 2005 Suzuki sport bike from the top of the Wells Fargo Financial parking ramp at Ninth and Cherry streets Sunday afternoon. Filmed from several angles, the bike fell seven stories, shattering on the concrete below.

I dont know what kind of ******s do such ****

What a jackasshole!!! Should have droped it on my garage instead

Shoulda been a real man and stayed on board.

You dont like your garage? Now if they didn’t want it and put it in your garage that would be different. I dont see the point of what they did, waste of a good piece of kit. They could have done it with some beaten up wreck.

What’s the point of that? Just wanton destruction.

THAT IS A CRIME AGAINST SUZUKI!! Give me their numbers, I’m going to give them some verbal ass-whooping!

I would have quite happily swapped my bike with them.

Then thrown the guy of the top of the roof…

That is just SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO wrong!!! Made me cry, what I’d do for a bike like that… WHAT A WASTE…

that is c bo out of www.stuntusa.com i gotta say fair play to him. that bike was mint nothing wroge with it.

yeah fair play to the lad, Billy. He just wrecked a nice bike if i had known, i would of tried catching it and doing the off

Still crying

awsome, just awsome

how much do i wona do that