Have you seen 'Final Destination'?

from times online

sad news but what are the chances of this happening?? :blink:

This is pretty crazy, maybe there is Shinigami after all :unsure:

OMG spooky!!!

Freaky deaky :w00t:

Reminds me of a case a few years ago when an internal flight in the US crashed before take off - a couple of minor injuries were treated and people were offered another flight.

Naturally, a lot of people didn’t want to get back on a plane and so were given rail tickets to complete their journey.

The train derailed on a bridge over a river and killed a good few people.

All but two of the survivors were killed by alligators in the river.

That may well be an urban myth, but I remember that story from 15 years or more ago - well before Final Destination, but yeah, does make you wonder…

Not really related but;

I went camping in France as a few times as a kid, but one year it rained n rained n rained! Our family got rather fed up and decided to leave 2 days early. . .

Back in the UK, on the news the next day were reports of flash floods at that campsite we were at and most people were washed out to sea and killed.

Creepy. :unsure: