Have you really grown up ?

oops, must have mis worded it … :wink:

lol tut tut :stuck_out_tongue:

your as young as the woman your feeling :P;)

I operate by the rule that

Kids are not little adults
and adults are just bigger kids:)

no complaints from me…lol

Reguardless of what age i am,i will always act like a kid.:smiley:

Age is no more tan an acronym




Of these the most relevant is Gaspazio, the fine cool Spanish soup to be enjoyed anyhot summers evening with a warm glass of Rioja. This combination makes me feel ageless notwithstandinding my advanced dementia, follow your own dreams, they are as ageless as a feather blown by the seven winds, my children think that I don`t know them, I wish it was so!

Marble is so cool to the touch, it`s smoothness soothes my memories and calms my innermost fears.

Memories rise up like breaching whales and vanish beneath the waves.

Picnic blankets…

What you been doing, smoking, drinking, sniffing?

I used to be classed as the sensible one in the group… until I passed my bike test! Now, I think nothing of stapling peoples sleeves when they are distracted, glueing pound coins to the floor and laughing at people trying to pick them up, turning televisions off in Curry’s with my “TV B Gone” remote and generally acting like a big kid! :stuck_out_tongue:

It used to be about being responsible and an upstanding member of the public, but now I’m more interested in getting as much grin factor into the day as possible! :smiley:

30 going on 13… ;):cool:

RR :smiley:

That makes me 26, get in!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

there’s a few that want to be an adult in a child’s body but the law frowns upon it :stuck_out_tongue:

Many years ago Mrs. Oldguy asked me “When will you grow up.” (I think she was a bit pissed off with me at the time for something.)

It’s bloody obvious. Never. I’m a fully paid up member of the Peter Pan Club.

Shame I forgot to include the body on the policy.

Me too! the bottom of my number plate says “peter pan syndrome” :smiley: