Have you really grown up ?

Come on then, does biking make you stay younger for longer ? :cool: What is young ? What’s regarded as old these days ? I’m in my 30’s but still feel 20 something, feel even younger when I get off a bike after a ride :stuck_out_tongue:

Some poeple in my office are probably younger than me but look and sound older, do old things at the weekend . . . I wonder where their life has gone but they seem happy enough.


Sometimes I feel old, sometimes I feel young - mentally always around the 5 year old mark :slight_smile:

Things haven’t started saggin yet so I’m the last option me thinks :stuck_out_tongue:

+1 me too!:w00t::smiley:

they’ve started saggin already?

Think they class that as a " freudian slip " :wink:

oopsey me! Yes duly edited :stuck_out_tongue:


We went through a ford, about 8" of fast-flowing water at about 5 mph. On the way back I thought “a bit faster, it’ll make a bow-wave and splash away to the sides”. So I hit it at 20 mph. We’re instantly drenched. She of the pillion command: “You’re a bloody 6-year old, aren’t you?”. Ooops!

[size="+3"]I’m old enough to know better…

…but to young to resist[/size]:smiley:

I’m only 20 so of course i still feel young :stuck_out_tongue:

Enjoy it stace…cos its gone in a blink of an eye:w00t:

As i always say body says 36…the brain says 18!:D:hehe:

I had to vote for ‘feel as old as I look’. Feel about 28-29, and apparently look about that. Happy with that, seeing as I’m 32. :wink:

Anyway, only as old as the woman I’m feeling. :smiley:

Do you ? Mind if I check that out ;):stuck_out_tongue:

I used to get that from the last one, she was a normal one, growing old before her time :crazy:

I’m 30 going on 13. :wink:

House purchasing has forced me to do more boring stuff, but I try to avoid it if I possibly can! :wink:

thought i was ok but had to cut and paste the post and increase the font x10 to read it !pardon? what did you say? speak up? that musics too loud! are you really going out dressed like that you’ll catch your death

they dont write songs like they used too! kids today dont know they are born!

when i was a lad…

all phrases that seem to be sneaking into everyday conversations

and have been mistaken for a fellow Lbers DAD, though thats not beyond the realms of possibility

Crap now i think about it …im getting old , HELP ME :stuck_out_tongue:

yup, u defo feel young to me


There wasn’t a category for looking younger than you feel!