have you heard about this being a fault

hi guys i have a 08 blade and it seems to have a problem with the fairing, the nose cone is cracked by the mirror mounting and its gone all the way to to top, does any one know of the 08 blade having these problems. i took it to honda and they took a photo, and said they would try to get it done on warrenty, but dont seem to think that honda will do it. i have not dropped the bike or knocked it. the nose cone is £180 and i dont think i should pay this as its not my fault.:ermm:

If it’s any help to your case,

At Mercedes with an issue like that, it would be replaced under warranty without any fuss as long as there is no evidence to suggest the vehicle has been damaged or taken apart and re-fitted incorrectly.

There’s a big issue with customer satisfaction at the moment between car+bike manufactures due these customer satisfaction index’s.

So nag them about it frequently and kick off if need be and it will get replaced.


This wouldn’t have anything to do with a 3 stone Sea gull would it?:Whistling::smiley:

What ya trying to say Chunks? Birds and bikes don’t mix? :D;):stuck_out_tongue:

I remember reading in one of the monthly bike mags about this happening to one of their long term test bikes. Rider noticed it when he was washing it, same situation as yours, not dropped or damaged but the fairing had cracked by the mirror mounting and the same thing was starting to happen the other side too. He seemed to think it was something to do with how thin the plastic is there. I’ll try and dig the particular magazine out if you think it may help / be of interest?

thanks it would be really helpfull:)

No worries, at work today so I’ll look through the pile of mags tonight. :slight_smile: