Have you Got a Poker Face?

Nice one Stretch, thats the spirit, even those that think they can play can be beaten by a beginner.

Good also to see Big Vern last night at the Ace and for purchasing a ticket.

And those of you i spoke to last night who expressed an interest please either get on line and purchase your ticket or catch me or Lou at BM this wednesday and purchase them there.

Its only a week away people so lets get those Poker faces ready;)

I fold…I’m in…and so is Sean who is also happy to draw the raffle if you guys would like him to. So we’ll either pop up to BM tomorrow night and buy some tics or buy online but either way, aside from an impending disaster, we shall be there. HURRAH!!!:smiley:

Nice one babe, see you and Sean tomorrow night;)

Thanks to Stetch for purchasing his tickets last night, see you there fella;)

I just need to get to frederic’s tonight to get his money for 3 tickets :w00t: You can bet he has a poker face seeing as he’s a sneaky frenchman:hehe:

Just thought I’d post up that i should be in on this also

it’s my friends birthday that night but figure I’ll try and do both!

Live poker is awesome fun - only done it once or twice. Even if people have played online (I have a bit) it’s completely different and way more of a buzz!

Great work for organising this by the way Lou

Thank JB :smiley:

Looking forward to tonight :cool:

What a fantastic evening. Massive thanks to Lou for organising this Poker evening. Everyone had a great time and I think are now more the wiser in the world of Texas Holdem.

Good to see everyone last night and there was some good bluffing, poker faces, dark glasses and cunning game play.

Well done, thanks.

+1 It was a great evening, nice to meet some more London Bikers and many thanks to Lou for organising it, I’ll look forward to the next do :smiley:

it was a load of fun! everyone enjoyed themselves, even those who’d never played before (boo hiss to those put off for that reason) and there should be pics up in an hour or less due to a ridiculously early start this morning by Miss Moneypenny.

Wow!! What brill evening :D.

I started off knowing eff all about poker and came out kinda clued up :crazy: (with Frenchy’s help ;)), won a nice few games, headed towards the big table, stayed in and then lost it all :w00t:

There should have been more food (in fact the pub gave us canapes when we should have had a meal) but all the same it worked out well, although I never saw the second round of grub that came out :blink: :stuck_out_tongue: :rolleyes: Thanks to Big Vern for introducing me to the Mojito nom nom

You guys looked really good, esp the fellas in their sharp suits and Kaeburn in his kilt (hope it wasn’t too breezy for you going home :hehe: ). The ladies of course looked very refined.

Thank you to all that came on the evening, it means so much when you organise something for the greater good and people actually turn up!!

I’ll update the charity page later as I’ve got to do some running about today and thank you for your donations.

You’re such a wonderful bunch :satisfied:


Sounds like you lot had a great time, shame i had to miss it:angry:

Thank you lou for a lovely evening. Robert and I totally had a nice time. It was nice to meet all that was there some new faces and some old one too.
When is the next Lou? You can count us in x

Great night thanks Lou ill never make a great poker player, but it was good fun learning :slight_smile:

not got suit (dont want 1 too), not got trousers (not gonna buy any too) so unless jeans look smart then was a no from me.

dont feel comfortable in any of the above.

glad to hear went ok though. :smiley:


So, did the ‘lover’ behave himself?

edit -
Great photos Andrew! - http://londonbikers.com/galleries/1526/lb-poker-night-2009

Yes, lots of thanks and big hugs Lou for organising a great evening :smiley:

I’ve got to say I was extremely apprehensive about playing poker, but it turned out to be a lot of fun and having never played before was pleased with myself getting onto the “big” table - even if I didn’t last very long :hehe:

It was great to see some familiar faces and meet some new ones. It made a nice change to see everyone in their finery and I’ve got to say the ladies looked especially chic :w00t:

All in all a great evening - thanks again :cool:

At his advance age, he doesn’t the energy for any different… :wink:

I hope you didn’t suffer any adverse affects to your “off” this morning. Hopefully you (and bike!) will be back on the road soon :slight_smile:

I did feel all the pain this morning, i had a stiif neck and my whole body ached, but i found out the more i moved the better easier it was. So ended up going to work

Just seen all the pitures in the gallery, they look great , well done andrew