Have you Got a Poker Face?

londonbikers.com are delighted present the first:



Fundraising event for London Air Ambulance (HEMS)



Calling all spies, voluptuous vixens and criminal masterminds…….

Mission if you choose to accept it:

To gather in a large crowd

To have a good time

To eat a delicious hot and cold buffet

To play Poker

To win prizes via the Raffle


Saturday 3rd October 2009


From 7pm til Midnight


The Punch Tavern, 99 Fleet Street, London, EC4Y 1DE

Dress Code - Dress in your Best Bond i.e.:

Tux/Dinner Suits for Men

Cocktail Dresses for Women

Entry Cost:

£10 per Adult Entry - No Children Allowed - 100% Adult Only Evening

£5 per entry for each Poker game

You are accordingly invited to a soiree of glitz, glamour and gambling. This will be LB’s first charity poker night! The night will be themed in a James Bond Casino Royale stylie. We will have our very own poker tutor for the evening who has all the kit. It’s ok if you don’t play poker as there will be music, food and lots to drink!

If you would like to come please pay via the pay now button. Tickets are £10 per person, which will be your entry as well as your meal for the evening. If you would like to play poker, add £5 per person when booking your tickets. Thereafter each poker game (should there be more than one on the night!) will cost £5.

For this one evening only you will be asked to wear a Suit or Tux for the guys and Cocktail Dress for the girls. Any other LB events you can dress in what you like, but this occasion will be something special.

It goes without saying there will be the infamous LB Raffle in order that we can raise lots of money for the London Air Ambulance. The Punch Tavern have kindly agreed that they will donate 10% of every drinks tab created to our charity in order that we can maximise our fundraising efforts.

Tickets bought will be non refundable. All tickets purchased will be sent via email and must be bought online in advance. E-Tickets will be sent out by email. I will also be selling tickets at Borough Market as well. There will be some allocated door tickets - but not many - so buy now to avoid disappointment!!

Please supply your username so we know who’s coming, we don’t know everyone’s real names!

For those that will be driving and riding parking can be found in Tudor Street and neighbouring roads, free parking from 7pm.

Tube and rail access: St Paul’s, City Thameslink, Chancery Lane and Temple are all within 10min walk (most within 5min)

Bus access: Bus number 4, 11, 15, 17, 23, 26, 76, 100 and 172 all stop within a 2min walk from the pub and will connect you to Waterloo and Liverpool St stations.

If you would like to stay in town there are Travelodges located both in Covent Garden and Liverpool Street as well as a Crowne Plaza on New Bridge Street

You Only Live Twice so come along before you Die Another Day and let us know only if the Man with the Golden Gun keeps you away or if you are shaken but not stirred enough to come!

Please click the following link to buy tickets: http://londonbikers.com/events/12357/londonbikerscom-poker-night-2009

I think i may be tempted:P

Any excuse to get my tux out for an airing.

How cool is this???

Seriously seriously cool…shame I can’t play poker for sh1t!!!

Nor can I but always up for a bit of spectating ;)…and drinking…:w00t:

what happens if you dont own a suit or a tux :crying:

You don’t come, or you rent one?

Fair enough if you don’t possess one - that’s cool. Just wear something very smart.

Honestly if folks don’t have a suit, then its no big hassle but pls try and make the effort and put something smart on :wink:

Hope its a good night and you raise loads of spondoolies!! :smiley:

I don’t play Poker…snap and Jim Rummy were my limits! :w00t:

This sounds like a great night out! Unfortunately I’ll be in Wales sayig my goodbyes to my family so can’t make it :frowning: .

i have no idea how to play poker and dont do cocktail dresses…:smiley:

guys don’t be afraid, pls come even if you don’t know how to play!

I’ve seen you in a dress missy, looked lovely in it too!!

thanks sheerie :wink:

SheWoolf (20/09/2009)

I’ve seen you in a dress missy, looked lovely in it too!![/quote]

On seeing this post last night, I tapped in google tranny pic’s, thought there must be one that looked like you :smiley:

Feck me, some wierd sh*t popped up, my pc crashed and now i get pop ups saying I have a virus or infection or something :ermm:

So Stace, I’m just gona say you looked f*cking lovely in your dress, and try to get some good karma back :D:)

thats nice coming from you tel. getting soft in your old age :stuck_out_tongue:

pmsl…so Tels was trying to get some tranny pic of u, and his pc told him to eff off with that crap…:wink: so in order to get his pc up and running he was “trying” to say something nice to reverse the bad karma…tut …men !! :wink:

Ok so lets get some names down for this great evening of poker and fun.

Even if you can’t play there will be an expert there to show you what to do, come on admit it you always wanted to have a game or two of poker but was just put off with the know how, what btter chance to learn the game and not lose a cart load of money doing it.

As i take it, you pay your table fee which is £5, you are then allocated your chips and then you play until there is a winner… You are not going to lose any more money and after all it is for CHARITY folks.

So come on deep down there is a James Bond inside a few of you i’m sure and even a Jane Bond (yeah i know not the same but the ladies do like to play a bit as well i’m sure;) ). So get your tickets and come along.

Oh and as previously mentioned you don’t have to dress up in a tux if you don’t have one, but maybe a suit or smart shirt and tie will do. But lets make this an fun evening and raise some more money for the LAA.


I should be up for this - sounds like a great evening, can’t play poker, but, will learn on the evening and possibly be outta chips in 5 mins :smiley:

It’s a shame i’ve got other plans for that date because i would defo been up for this.:cool: