Have you been in my situation

In December 2009 I was involved in a motorbike accident and received pins and a plate in my left tibia. At this recurrent day my leg is still healing as the specialists call it a delayed healing process. They have also just realized I have got chronic nerve pain of which I am under medication to hopefully stable the nerves.
Until my nerves have settled and bone has heal they can not discuss about having the plate taken out. The bone is just over 50% healed and the tablets have made the setted quite a bit. On top of that I am having depression tablets and seing a psychologist of which I think is help a little

Has anyone been in my situation with the length of time?
Also was spouse to go on holiday to the philippines for 3 weeks at the end of the year but not sure if I can go as I dont know if there is a waiting to have the plate out, or even if the long flight will effect me in some way.

Any advise as I know its still a little early with my leg still healing but would be nice to see what happened to others who have been in a similar situation

Hi Jade,

Yes - exactly the same thing happened to me - in late 2008.

I was hit by a car which resulted in a compound fracture of the tib fib.

I had the leg pinned which meant a metal rod ran the length of my shin from ankle to knee secured by screws at the ankle and the knee.

I was in a lot of pain and on medication and crutches for three or four months and was then limping for almost year.

It’s a real bummer and not a very pleasant experience but be patient and it should heal and get back to normal eventually - I am very pleased to say that I have been able to resume running/keep fit etc with no problems from my leg.

One thing I did do was to get the metal pin removed from my leg after the bone had healed - although it could have been left in there I preferred to have it removed - plus I was told that if i got hit by a car again the metal in the leg could complicate things so it was better to get it removed.

Anyway - just be patient - go easy on the leg - but try and build up the bone and muscle by going out for short walks - lengthen the walks as your leg gets better.

I’m not suprised you are feeling upset at the moment - it’s normal to feel that way - just be patient and remember your leg will get better and your life will get back to normal. :slight_smile:

Thank you its great to know there are others out there. :slight_smile:

I had a similar experience with a back injury that I got in 2008 and I’m still recovering from that

Some injuries just take ages to heal up… My advice would be to eat and drink healthy making sure you consume the recommended daily amount of water - a small thing but it makes a big difference!
Get your exercise regularly and try to keep busy.

Make sure you give yourself the time to heal up you will get better in the end!

Yes - you are not alone! :wink:

Hope your leg gets better nice and quickly. :slight_smile:

Hi Jade, going back a bit but in 1974 I had a tib and fib fracture that was plated. Six months later the surgeon removed the plate. For whatever reason, the bones had not healed so ended up in a full leg length plaster to make the bones rub together to make them bleed to get them to heal. That worked. Still took about another 12 months to knit together though. Not the best of news, I know, but hang in there as it can sometimes be a long job. Just make sure you have input into all that they plan to do. It does get better, honest. I am now back on a bike after staying away for 30+ years. Love it:P

I have been in constant pain since my accident as a Police rider many years ago. It left me disabled and eventually I was pensioned off (hence why I now work as a specialist motorcycle accident investigator).

Anyway, I have been told that my left leg will eventually have to be amputated. I have been asking them for the past 10 years to take the bloody thing off so I can buy 1 size pair of shoes, I can get work on my back which has become badly damaged because I am always having to compensate, but because of what is called phantom limb syndrome, they won’t do it. :angry:

I have learnt to live with it, but it still grates that the doctors won’t consider the situation I am in even though I try to make the best of it.


I broke my tib and fib just above the ankle over 20 years ago.
Plastered me up to groin height then the bone slipped so had to be plated anyway.
Ended up in plaster for about 4 months and limped for a year or so.

Hopefully you got physiotherapy from the NHS. I didn’t. Turned up for my appointment on my new AR125 and got told to **** off.

The plate made my leg feel “tender” while it was in in.
Had it removed a few years later. Breaking the same bones with the plate still in can cause complications hence the hospital telling me where to **** off!
Leg doesn’t bother me any more. Just has lots of lumps n bumps.

Chin up.
It’ll get better.

no i havet jade,but i know people who have they have taken people to court and won, but it can take sometimes yrs, keep all receipts of anything and everything,all depends if the other party is at fault etc, just be prepared for a long process and dont let it get you down, remember on london bikers yr always find someone to help or cheer you up:D