Have knowedge/experience in Environmental, Ecological or Humanitarian issues?

Does anyone have any specialised knowledge or experience regarding environmental, ecological or humanitarian issues? I’m doing some feasibility studies on a project I’ve had an idea for recently. I’m keen to find out what the key issues are, their dynamics, their current or proposed solutions/recovery attempts and the players in their respective industries.

This could be a seriously cool and rewarding technological project with far-reaching consequences.

:blink: do you not sleep or something??

I know some people who are well hot on the subject. What kind of thing do you want to know?

Eco-warriors protest movements? Legal fight in High Courts for rights to protest - e.g Brian Haw?

There is a wealth of information on www.warband.org a pagan protest forum I belong to. If you don’t want to go down that route, I can direct you towards a few people.