Have I mentioned

I’m picking up my bike tomorrow from stealheart, getting all excited

Ahh bless ya. Are you trying to catch tug up on his project???

Is this the bandit?:smiley:

if thats what you want to call it

Bless ya - you are like a kid at christmas :stuck_out_tongue: Has Tug planned the route yet :wink:

Pictures please.

Your find a few on here http://londonbikers.com/forums/Topic274455-25-1.aspx

I know the bike but i`m waiting for the finished article.

Looking forward to seeing your box-a-bits bike mate;)

better get on your toes terry…:w00t:

tugs has almost finished his!!!:wink:




really, well im gonna go watch some paint dry

I do that for a living :smiley: