Have I been an idiot.

After I tested i Was getting low and uneven compression across all 4 cylinders. I am going to strip and re ring my pistons as the bike has been in the garage for 12 years.

It was running ok but a garage advised I put some diesel in the cylinder head, let it soak for a week, fully drain refill oil and see if that cleans out any gunk on the piston.

Did that know bike won’t fire. It turns over but no fire, checked spark. It’s ok.

Turned it over without plugs in to completely evacuate all the diesel? Plugs wet when you take them out? Good squirt of easy start up the air intakes might encourage it to fire. I’m assuming your fuel isnt 12 years old :wink:

No I’ve been riding over the summer. Yes the plugs were wet so cleaned them up. I’ll do what you suggest. Turn over with plugs out. Should I put a tad petrol in the plug holes.

If it were me, I’d turn it over for 15 seconds or so plugless (probably best to lay a rag over the plug bores to avoid spraying yourself and the bike). You shouldn’t need to put petrol down them. Refit clean dry plugs, try to start again, possibly with a liberal blast of easy start into the air intakes.