Have date, need venue.

I would like to find somewhere fun and different for a 2nd date (dinner) within a few foot miles of Millennium Bridge - ideas?

I would go to the blind Dans Le Nuit, but the vast consensus is that it has pants food and is too packed-in.

I’d prefer not to go Italian / romantic just because it’s a bit cliché. Something that’s a giggle.

Open to suggestions :slight_smile:

I’d avoid any places that you post your (admittedly very helpful) vouchers for :stuck_out_tongue:

Now I will go and be helpful and see if there are any places I’m familiar with in the area and get back to you

First find … http://www.medievalbanquet.com/home.php … smack bang in your desired location … might be a bit tacky/lame … but could be a laugh

Bit further away but still not a million miles … http://www.root-master.co.uk/index.html … I know people who’ve been here and said it was a lot of fun … personally it’s not for me … but I’m a fussy bugger who doesn’t eat his greens

Aaaah so that’s what that bus is there for!! Mr-C you are inspired! :slight_smile:

edit: yes shame there’s no meat on the menu. Keep 'em coming :smiley:

Yeah … no meat …

(must resist the “if the night goes well then she’ll get her fill of meat” double entendre … but it’s so hard … oops there it goes again)


Google doesn’t throw up many “fun” or “different” places to eat …

I’d probably go for Dans Le Nuit if I were you … the food might not be great and it might be crammed in … but where else are you going to experience it?

Try the Catford Starburger - I’ve never had any complaints :wink:

If you want to be closer to the millenium thingy try The Kennington Fish Bar: :satisfied:

What about an early dinner somewhere nice - The Ivy, J Sheekey’s (Uptown) or Roast, Oxo Tower (South Bank) all very nice (can be exy though).
If you take the first seating (About 6 ish) usually no problems getting a table.

Without involving dinner, if she likes wine take her to Vinopolis (next to BMM), go for a full tour and try loads of different vino - good fun.

After either of those what about a nice simple walk along the river stopping off for a drink wherever you fancy - gives you both time to chat without being toooooooo romantic / lovey dovey !!

If money was not a problem I would have an early dinner at Roast - great food and then go and get sloshed at Vinopolis across the road … you could even do it on a Wednesday night and walk past us all at BMM so we could wave at ya !!

Try this place… :wink:


The restaurant at the BFI is quite nice, think its called the river side cafe, but they do nice food, its cool and funky too… for before and after the dinner, drinks on the verandah at royal festival hall in the sun, guaranteed to be in there!:smiley:

if you are looking for somewhere away from that, i’d recommend the harwood arms in fulham, on a tuesday they do a quiz that is brilliant, the food is stunning as well!!

Yep Oxo tower is a good bet - excellent view plus you are close to the bridge and stuff - it can cost a bit though - like a lot of people I’m budgeting at the mo which is why I mentioned some of S.London’s less salubrious venues. :wink:

dinner on a boat and then gordons wine bar at embankment

me and ms mad-dog go here http://www.allinlondon.co.uk/restaurants/restaurant-3922.php and not far walk to millenium bridge:)

took the gf for her birthday to the skylon at the southbank (not cylon :hehe: )

make sure to ask for a window table and you have a brilliant view of the thames :wink:
for the two of us (starter&main) plus drinks when to about £100

Rucksack filled with picnic. Get her on your bike (wash the fugger first) - and then somewhere where you can people watch with nice scenery. Nibble the food and chat - don’t stuff your face! :w00t:

Then, suggest how an ice-cream would be lovely and say you know a man who can. Call Tel and have him drive the van to you. Now that’s what I call service.

Get Terry to change the chimes to Chesney Hawkes or Rick Astley. Mate, you’ll struggle to stop her stripping for you there and then! :hehe::w00t:

Done. You don’t have to thank me. :smiley:

You know what Alex, I was thinking that type of idea earlier today (though not with the bike - cleaning, are you insane?)

Girls, would it be pikey to take a dinner date (7:30) down the Thames with a warm blanket, a decent food pick nick, and a good bottle of something to watch the world go by? Does this risk being arrested or moved on lol?

I think it’s a romantic gesture, but then again I think the perfect holiday is a 6000 mile bike trip across the Sahara. So perhaps I’m deluded.

Crap, looks like rain tonight. Proper venue it is.

oooohhh take her/him to meet the parents:P

It’s a perfect idea and I (did) would fall for that… :wink:

I’ll pm you my suggestions sweetie, as I don’t want to give away all my secrets xx

court side seats for netball?:blink: