Have bought my FIRST bike!

Nice bike fella, I have an A1P with the same end can on and it sounds great. Its not too loud if you are sensible but the sound it gives transforms it over the standard Can sound

Be really careful on it until you have built up some miles / experience it certainly doesnt hang about for an old school machine.

If you ever do get stuck for the MOT I have a standard end can in the cupboard

Cheers people - may try and make the newbee meet, or Borough Market. Wanna get to some meets!

I live in S London (Sutton), but i work in Sunbury, so may be riding there some days!

Chees for the offer of the Standard Can for MOTs!

If i can ever help people let me know! - Got unlimited free entrys to the clubs i work at, if anyone is ever interested (Secrets & Spearmint Rhino)

Nice bike take it easy, when you take it out for a good run Mate!

To be honest with you, i am excited, but also proper bricking it!

REALLY looking forward to it though!

Just remember to hang on… oh and dont forget to brake sooner rather than later

I saw my m8 loop a dirt bike just before I got my 1st go on a bike. Needles to say I just rode it round the field in 3rd gear to get a feel for it. When I got my 1st road bike, a KDX 125SR I was sooo careful even with that because it felt really fast. I then had a few years away from bikes before coming back to the A1P, my first real bike

Here are a couple of tips for trouble free newbie biking that I applied I hope they help,

I made my own rule to allow me to get accustomed to the bike and throttle control by not going over about 7 or 8 K tops until I got more confidence in riding it. You will know when it feels right to give it some beans soon enough…
Dont feel the need to be at or force your way to the front at the lights… sit one or two cars back. Make room to pass for those that want to sit at the front of the lights. Also helps avoid the temptation too IMO…
Make some time and test the braking power to get used to it (Safely), learn about your bikes stopping power or lack of. Self explanatory really this one.Enjoy and be careful.

My first bike after passing my teat was a ZXR400, I had it a month then bought a ZX6R in candy blue, kept it for 2 and a half years, LOVED it to bits.

Good choice for 1st bike.

Nice bike mate. Just been down to West London Suzuki to pick some bits up and saw it parked up there.

Good choice for a first bike!

Collected the bike yesterday . . . . . . . WOW!

I had completely forgot how nice it is to ride as opposed to drive!

Got to get some trowsers and boots tonight, not riding wearing a suit and a pair of loafers again!

Thanks people for everything!